Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's Christmas Time

Have you put up your Christmas lights?

We just completed ours at the church yesterday. Frank actually spent several hours putting on the finishing touches; he has such a great eye for details.

The tree in our foyer must be ten feet tall and we are all about abundance. It took three ladies over an hour to get the plethora of ornaments in just the right nooks, crannies, branches, bare spots...........

I do NOT have a good eye for decorating details. So I just unpack everything, hand it out to the ones waiting, then come along and say, "OOOOOO!!" "AHHHHH!!" "Beautiful!" "Well Done!!"

Yes, I'm one of the official "Oooo" "Ahhh 'ers" in the Body of Christ!

What?! You've never before heard of this important position? I'm shocked!

Surely you're mindful of the particular people in your family or church who are naturally talented with all things decorative and creative. You know, the women who can take a milk carton, two rolls of duct tape, one Bedazzler and some twine; twenty minutes later they come back with a Tiffany Lamp?

Yeah, well. I'm NOT one of those.

But I AM able to come along; observe the effort; appreciate the creativity; acknowledge the hard work; affirm the artist! I'm an official "Oooo" "Ahhh 'er". And without my gift, the creative people have no real reason or motivation to continue.............well, creating!

It takes us all, friends! (Smile.)

We hope to make the official decorative transition of our home for the Christmas season this weekend. If you hear of an unprecedented power surge in the southeast, don't be alarmed. It will just be us - plugging in our lights!!


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  1. Just so ya' know...the "Oooo" "Ahhh'er" people (encouragers) make all the "Behind The Scene(s)" people feel appreciated!