Monday, March 22, 2021

Problems and Promises

The PROBLEMS have been many.  But as with most problems, mine were only temporary.  I am literally "over the moon" excited to be back online with Embrace the Grace!

Thank you for not forgetting that this site exists.  It has literally been weeks of frustration trying to figure out what was going on with the different formatting.  Suffice to say, Kristin's husband Cody eventually found the solution and my gratitude could not be deeper!

While we were on radio silence, there were several developments.  

  • Joy passed all her state board exams to become a licensed cosmetologist!!  (So, her BA in ministry and her minor in business will combine to make her the best stylist of all time.)  
  • I found a loveseat at a consignment store that was exactly what I had in mind for our living room.
  • We sold my adorable little convertible.  (It just so "happened" that Stella was also be the grandmother's name of the lady who bought her. Can't make it up.)
  • We've been a one car family for weeks while I've searched for a replacement.
And perhaps the biggest personal change was this:

Yep, I took the plunge and went back to a short haircut.  I'm still getting used to the styling part.  And occasionally, I startle myself when I first glance in a mirror.  But Joy did a great job talking me through the decision.  Did I mention how much her ministry degree will be utilized in her salon work?

As I mentioned earlier, Frank and I are still on the hunt for the ideal used car to meet my needs while also accommodating some of my biggest desires. So, I need to wrap up today and be ready to leave when he gets home.

Because you've waited so very long and have been so incredibly patient, I thought I'd include a few extra pictures to make you smile today.

Noah and Madi spent an afternoon with us recently while Meagan was out of town.  Dad gave permission for lunch at McDonald's and every kid needs an frozen drink now and again, don't you think?  This is the two of them finishing their drinks while pondering the deeper things of life - like how to avoid a brain freeze.

John and Spencer went on a camping trip to celebrate his 10th birthday.  (Our first double digit grandchild!)  So Noni and Papa made dinner for Joy and the three youngest.  Abby, Zach and Ava also needed some DQ so off we went in search of chocolate dipped in chocolate cones.  Obviously, I was in the back with plenty of napkins.

This picture is just for the purpose of providing the McGhee family with a picture, too.  This was taken in my office before the great haircut of 2021.  Parker's face just makes me smile all the time!

Frank and I actually took time for a little date last week.  For our anniversary this year, we bought an annual pass for Bok Tower Gardens.  It's the highest spot above sea level in Florida. A beautiful pink marble tower stands as the centerpiece amid acres of native flowering plants and hidden parks which delight children and adults as well.

Bok Tower Gardens was one of our first dates as a couple.  We strolled the walkways; admired the flora and fauna; sat at the overlooks and sneaked a kiss here and there.  How fun to return after 41 years of marriage.  The tower itself also houses one of the greatest carillons in the world.  Concerts are given daily at 1 and 3pm.  You should check it out if you ever come to the area. 

This picture is taken where we sat to take in the concert.

Frank knows that when taking a photo of his over fifty wife, the higher the camera the better the picture.  Typically.  Here he is trying to get the best possible angle...

We're nothing if not dramatic!

So many more wonderful things to share but I'll close for now. I've chosen a few pictures taken of flowers growing in our yard.  The first is an orchid that has only bloomed a couple times in the many years I've owned it.  The last big blooming took place for Kristin's 30th birthday.  She was waiting to meet her husband and we took it as a promise since orchids are her favorite flower.

This plant is now a huge bush that blooms every spring.  A church member, who is now gardening in Heaven, gave me a small cutting almost twelve years ago.  It was a favorite flower for his own mother.  He explained that it's referred to as an I Love You Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow bush.  The flowers first bloom purple, then turn lavender and finally turn white before dying.  Such a beautiful promise of love to me...

The final photo is one Frank and I snapped during one of our many car shopping expeditions.  We had driven all the way to Orlando after work.  It meant battling the horrible 5PM traffic during rain only to be disappointed by the vehicle we found.  When we stopped for a bite to eat as we left the dealership, this is what we saw...

Did you find the full rainbow?  Yet another reminder that God's promises can be trusted.  An orchid to remind a young lady that love would blossom in due season.  A bush reminding us that love is for always: yesterday, today and tomorrow.  Finally, a rainbow that spoke to two discouraged people searching for a needed item, I see you and I'm aware of your needs.

Hopefully, all these pictures have given you a smile.  

Hopefully, the main message has encouraged your heart.  Problems may be many but they are only temporary.  Promises are what last forever and can be trusted completely.  

Thank you So Much for being a reader of Embrace the Grace!  Blessings!

How about you? Have you encountered problems that were temporary and promises that proved to be forever?  We'd love to read about your experience in the comment section.