Monday, May 18, 2020

Celebrating Differently!

Although social distancing and quarantine and masks and gloves will continue to be part of our lives during this season, Covid-19 can NOT stop the celebrations.  Weddings, birthdays, graduations.  They all go on - they just look different.

The Hawley family just entered our biggest season of continual celebrating.  It began with Mother's Day which we worked out to be a family only gathering at the Schrek's home.  John and Joy wanted to host but John didn't want Joy to do any of the work.  He prepared the meal and even surprised her by setting up long tables complete with linens, china and stemware.  It was beautiful!

(All the other fellas jumped in to help clean up since John had cooked and set up.)

These are the Beauties who made me a Mama

These are the "grand girls"- Madi, Ava, Abby #richnoni

The girls and I enjoyed a lovely, carefree meal topped off with cards and gifts.

Then we moved to Birthday Celebrating.

This guy turned two!  We can hardly believe it to be honest.  Parker is quite the little athlete.  He loves playing soccer with his dad and he throws balls with his left hand almost every time.  He is SO smart!

He has been "talking" for quite some time; we just haven't been able to understand anything he was saying.  As I think back, I seem to remember ALL our grandchildren doing that.  I guess when you're born into a verbal family, you jump in at the deep end and start doggie paddling until Your words start making sense to everyone else.

Parker Franklin McGhee (& Noni)
He is also a snuggle bear still.  So, I smoosh him every chance I get.  I know all too well, this season passes quickly.

Singing HIS song

Our next celebration was for this little doll baby.  Ava is now officially three years old and boy does she know how to use those adorable dimples to their best advantage.  I watched the other day as her mom (Joy) asked about Ava's participation in a particular untimely incident.  Ava pondered a split second then looked up at her mom and flashed the biggest, sweetest smile you ever saw.  I had to turn my head so Ava wouldn't see Noni caving to her cuteness.  Mama wasn't swayed and Ava was disciplined.  But Man!  I don't know how Joy stays so strong. 
Ava Quinn Schreck
Ava loves playing with dolls and swimming and her trampoline and her brothers and sister.  She runs most everywhere she goes and has a hug and smile on the ready for everyone she encounters.  (Yes, John and Joy have curtailed her hugging during this time.)  I've used the next picture before but it shows her personality in such a perfect way.

Ms. Congeniality

Today I'm cleaning our house to get ready for the next celebration.  We will all attend the outdoor graduation of this fine fella this evening.  (If the rains hold off.)

Noah Jacksen Smith - Kindergarten Grad

It doesn't seem possible that Noah has now completed his first step in the educational ladder.  Meagan says he had a great year in spite of the interruptions.  (Fortunately, our girls are already educators so they stepped into home schooling armed with a bit more experience than others.)

Noah played t-ball for the first time this year and discovered he's really good at it.  All that running and jumping he's been doing since he learned how to walk came in very handy.  He is such a hard worker and is truly kind to his sister and younger brothers.  We couldn't be more proud.  

Smith Fam (See how cool he is?)
I suddenly realized this post includes a picture of most of the grands.  So here is one more just for good measure and to make you smile.  I especially love how Zach is hugging Parker on the left.  

Mama's Treasure
I'm aware that so many of you have been unable to gather with family during this pandemic.  I'm sending you a virtual hug right now!  And hopefully, these pictures will bring a smile.  (Many were taken well before the outbreak.)  

As a family, we've also been mindful of the recommended guidelines.  We've discussed our meeting times and carefully measured our options.  We've kept them shorter and much fewer.  As essential workers, our situation is unusual - Frank and I work with Kristin and John.  Then Meagan works as nanny for Kristin.  Hard to avoid one another with a situation like ours.

It's off to Sams now for the pizza and drinks and fruit (as per Noah's request) we will need for our quick party this evening.  

Blessings to you and those around you!  Keep safe, Keep smiling and Keep looking up!

How about you?  How has the pandemic affected your family gatherings and celebrations?  Please share with us in the comment box below....