Thursday, December 30, 2010


I'm living in the lap of "generosity"!

(I know, I know. The saying actually goes, "living in the lap of luxury" but generosity describes my situation better. Smile.)

Today marks thirty-one years that Frank and I have enjoyed marital bliss. Granted, some days more blissful than

But after thirty-one years, we're still together, still like each other, still sit on the love seat and snuggle more than we don't. In today's world, that's a WIN!!

On Tuesday, I met "Generosity" head-on and started pondering what a large role it plays in my life. For instance:
  • Tuesday AM, Shirley called to see if I would be attending the ladies' luncheon which she oversees monthly for our church. I hesitated just a moment and said (to be read with a southern, sing-song, drawl) "Ummm, nooooooo? I just hadn't planned on it this time." Immediately Shirley responded, "I don't blame you one bit. Glad you're getting some rest. See you Sunday." No guilt. No loud disappointed sigh. Not even a moment of silence. GENEROSITY!!
  • Later, friends from NC called to say they had driven to Orlando to watch NC State play WV in the play-off. They wanted to see us but understood about rare vacation days for us. "Hey, why don't we just drive over there?" they offered gladly. (Now bear in mind, these people had already driven TEN HOURS the day before.) "No problem! We'll meet you at a restaurant later today." And bonus - when the check came, they insisted on paying for our meals too. GENEROSITY!!
  • Today, Frank and I will travel to a lovely little beach town and spend two days focusing on each other. Our accommodations provided free of charge by a church that maintains a house for the escaping of ministers and missionaries. GENEROSITY!!
  • We will enjoy several meals out using gift cards which dear friends have slipped into our hands during Christmas. GENEROSITY!!
  • We will marvel together over God's lavish gifts of grace and forgiveness that have enabled us to stay happily married these many years. GENEROSITY!!
See what I'm talking about?

Yep, I'm definitely living in the lap of GENEROSITY! Sure hope you see yourself there too!

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  1. Hurray for 31 years! And hurray for generous acts and generous gifts and dear people who aren't dismayed when you don't attend every single church function.

    Happy, happy wishes to you and Frank; enjoy your time together!