Friday, December 31, 2010

Count Down

Happy New Year!!

Actually, I'm writing this on New Year's Eve. It's after 9:00 P.M. and I'm still functioning. This will surely be a year of miracles! Smile.

Frank and I had several options for the evening. We could have seen the Rogaine's perform at Sharky's. (Not making that up - promise! With the average age in this community hitting 76, there are ripple effects. Smile.)

We checked on dinner at Carney's but they didn't start serving until 8:00. I'm not yet 76 but I don't like eating that late intentionally.

Finally, we spotted a quaint cafe that had tables available outdoors. Jackets made an outdoor dinner possible and brought back thoughts of missions trips we've taken. We savored a delicious meal and rehearsed delightful memories made over the past thirty-one years together.

An after dinner stroll through the historic district capped off the evening. New memories!

But the main message I wanted to share this last night of 2010 involves beginnings more than memories.

Several years ago I read a great story Beth Moore related about cleaning the room of her daughter. As she gathered multiple notebooks from various corners, she realized that they each represented yet one more false start for her scholastically challenged daughter.

Fuming and frustrated, she questioned aloud when this child would finally follow through. "I just don't know if she'll ever get things together and move forward, Lord! What is the problem?!"

Beth Moore quieted herself long enough to hear the whisper from heaven, "How many fresh starts have I allowed you, Beth?"

The message struck her heart! And mine.

So as 2011 rolls in, step up to the new challenges without fear. The Father ordering our steps allows unlimited fresh starts. And who knows but what this is the year for you and the dreams He has for you!!

Again - Happy New Year!

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