Thursday, December 9, 2010

An Apology

Thank you for your patience!

No, my computer did NOT crash, catch a virus, convulse nor otherwise concede to a non-working status. I just have NOT had time to sit down and put two thoughts together. (Which may not seem necessary when writing a blog post but it certainly helps! Smile.)

Christmas in FL has an added time element we didn't budget for while living in NC. As November draws to a close here, the temperature drops well into the 70's or lower. (Collective gasp!)

It's the first time in months that we're able to get outdoors to walk, bike, garden or do any other outdoorsey type activities without running the risk of collapsing from heat stroke.

This time of year in NC found me bundling up; dashing from store to store; rushing home with the proverbial packages; putting on a pot of soup, chili, or other steaming sustenance; wrapping up in a blanket; watching the latest Hallmark movie and calling it an evening.

While living in the mountains, we would often have the delight of a "snow day". These not only meant no school for the kids; it also meant rest, reflect, regroup day for Mom. Ahhhh, the memories.

Time off in FL during the Christmas season requires all the regular shopping; dashing; rushing. But it also is the perfect time to finally be outdoors catching up on the Vitamin D you couldn't get in September because of the HEAT! (I know, it's terribly convoluted.)

Frank and I have also made it a ministry habit to "load" early December with as many activities (parties, socials, events) as possible in order to leave the last two weeks for family. This year is no different. And that, dear readers, is why I've been negligent in the area of writing.

Yep, more information than you ever needed or wanted! Smile.

We finally squeezed our traditional tree decorating evening into an hour on Tuesday. It was a little bitter sweet as Joy and John opted out this year. They needed to deck their own halls, you know.

Frank and I are acutely aware that soon it will be back to just he and I adorning the tree. We'll gingerly position each hand-crafted, school-glued ornamental treasure. We will sigh, smile, and brush stray tears.

Because whether celebrated in the drifting snow or beside waving palm trees - Christmas is a season of the heart! The real issue here isn't climate, gifts, choirs or meals. It's the love shared - period. And that takes off a lot of pressure.

Hope you are sharing love, taking time and finding joy in your celebrating!

P.S. Funny side-note. I just proofed this post and realized that I have nine "lists" in just twelve paragraphs. Don't know exactly what sparked such a conundrum of continuation - but there you have it! Smile.

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