Monday, December 13, 2010

The Best Celebrations!

Last night was the kind of evening I love best!

We celebrated Meagan's 23rd birthday and our house was alive with activity. Now, please understand that her birthday is actually next Monday. But because a certain young man (let's just call him a "person of interest") will be flying home on that special day - we had to scramble and find another time that the whole family could congregate.

Several phone calls and one canceled party at the Schreck home later, we had it! A night when all the family (birthed, adopted, married, interested in marrying) could rendezvous at Misty Morning Drive all at the exact same time. Marvelous!

Joy (now great with child) helped me prepare the meal Meagan had requested. Actually, chicken parmigiana is Joy's specialty; soooo mostly I helped her! Ah, the joys of adult children. Smile.

Kristin and Amanda decorated the table with help from Ashley (another adopted one). The guys watched football and tried to NOT hover over the stove asking, "How much longer?" "Can I have just a taste?!"

We finally served the beautiful meal; Dad prayed a birthday blessing for the guest of honor; we ate; we laughed; we all told funny "Meagan" stories; we girls tried not to cry over our memories. Resplendent! Dare I say it again? Absolutely resplendent!! Smile.

As I sat quietly at the same table this morning, rehearsing the evening, smiling, being thankful - I found it interesting that the word "squandered" kept coming to mind. (Believe it or not, I do pray over what to write. It's always my hope that something will be a challenge or encouragement.)

"Why the word 'squandered', Lord?" I thought in my little ole head.

Then it was almost as if I could see other times that I had missed the wonder of such a simple evening with longing for what "wasn't". You know:
  • we were all together but it wasn't her actual birthday.
  • there were a couple of gifts but they weren't all we would have liked to give.
  • the table was nice but it wasn't china and crystal.
  • there was one pregnant lady but no little children to hug and pamper.
  • we managed to squeeze around our table but there isn't a dining room for such
See what I mean?

I sat looking out and asking the Lord to forgive me for the times I've squandered the joy He meant for the moment. I also determined to renew my commitment of living right now; appreciating the current joys; savoring instead of squandering.

Therein, lies the best delight for any special time!

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