Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hawley Randomness

WE MADE IT! Christmas 2010 is passed and everyone has navigated the passage rather joyfully. (Don't I sound a bit like Charles Dickens? Smile.)

This was the first time in 23 years that the Hawley family has celebrated Christmas by ourselves. With extended family living so far away, we've always traveled to them or hosted them. Except for the year Meagan was born.

She arrived December 20, 1987; obviously we couldn't travel. Her premature birth caught everyone by surprise and so none of the family was prepared to come to Asheville (where we lived.)

This Christmas spent alone was different.

With all adult children, our family dynamic has taken a definite shift. We waited until 10:30 to share a big breakfast. Present-opening finally commenced around 11:30. We all moved at the pace of a tortoise and LOVED IT! Smile.

Everyone helped with the dinner feast AND the clean up afterward. "Many hands make light work!" Yes, a lovely time was had by all!!

One of the most delicious parts of Christmas this year? The office is closed for five days!!

(Thank heavens for cell phones which keep us in touch with whomever might need to contact their pastors. Now we can enjoy a few days of real "breathe time". Ahhhh.)

The snow storm north of us brought a beautiful blanket of frost to our yard this morning. Gracie and Bella were in shock!

Bella begged to be let back inside immediately following her........ummm, deposit. And Gracie wandered the patio several moments searching for the least icy spot available for her little princess paws.

Resolution and full kidneys caused her to plunge head-long into the "frozen tundra", tinkle quickly and dash back to the door! Bella is now contentedly curled at my feet and Gracie is backed up to me as closely as she can possibly get without taking over the laptop spot. So funny!

Guess that's probably more generic information about the Hawley household than anyone ever wanted to know. I'll try to have something more significant to post tomorrow. Smile.

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