Saturday, December 25, 2010

Blessed Christmas Greetings

On such a wonderful day, "Hi, Ya'll!" just doesn't have the appropriate ring. Hence, "Blessed Christmas Greetings.........Ya'll!" Smile.

I'm aware that I've been extremely negligent with my writing this past week and for that I apologize. But those of you who know me well will be pleased to learn that I made a diligent effort at pacing myself this week.

(The fact that I chose to leave off the baking of a pound cake for today's dinner is real evidence! Time was slipping by and the pound cake - which I dearly love - would have cost me time with family so......the traditional Christmas pound cake will be New Year's pound cake this year. Are you proud of me?! Smile.)

We took quite a bit of time laying out a "flexible-plan-to-be-unplanned-at-any-moment" plan on Thursday. Just something to kind of keep us all headed in the same general direction today.

It got funny as everyone hesitantly gave their opinion then backed up and said, "....only if that's what everyone else would like to do!" The final decision gave John and Joy time at their house together; then everyone gathers at our house for presents and CHRISTMAS DINNER.

Our plans also include the task of developing new traditions for a predominantly adult family. After the Christmas Eve service last night, Joy announced to John that their new tradition would be Christmas morning IHOP! Smile.

I'm sure that each of us is probably facing some situations we wish we weren't this special day: loss of a loved one, perhaps a job, missing family that couldn't join us. But there are also countless blessings in each of our lives that beg to be marked.

As you gather at a table with whatever portion of your family is available. And as you attempt to keep the type A family members from stressing the type B family members (smile); just take a moment and breathe in this truth:

God's gift to us is still the most amazing part of Christmas;
Emmanuel - God with us!

Merry Christmas, dear friends!!

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