Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What's Appropriate - Really?

I have no desire to shock or offend anyone; but this question comes straight from my heart:

When did our "National Uniform for Public Appearances" change from jeans and a cute t-shirt to ill-fitting sweat pants and an equally inappropriate sweat shirt?! I never received the memo indicating that we are now a Nation of Slovenly Dressers.

(Now the mere fact that I used the word "slovenly" indicates to you, dear reader, that this post is neither fair nor balanced in any way today! Smile.)

Yesterday, I ran by the store to pick up a few last minute items for Joy's birthday dinner. (We were late celebrating.) And it was there, in the local Wal-mart, somewhere around the cereal aisle that I began to be aware of this strange phenomenon. Everyone looked like they had just rolled out of bed on a Saturday morning!

(Yes, I know that Robin and my sister -both Target fans- will say that the problem was from being in the wrong store. Maybe.)

I was dressed for my day at the office with a nice shirt, skirt and sandals with a small heel. Certainly nothing elaborate. But I realized after just a few minutes of dashing about the produce section that people were looking at me as though I had just come from a wedding or something.

The irony of the moment struck me with great humor. I was staring at them in shock (actually I was catching glimpses in a subtle manner - Mom would NEVER have allowed us to stare.) And they were just as shocked at my attire. Some went so far as to poke their fellow shopper in the ribs so they both could stare. I made a game of trying to make eye contact so I could smile at them and nod my head in the traditional southern-belle-grocery-store-greeting. Such Fun!

Please do not misunderstand, I love my lounging clothes. Those deliciously soft, delightfully stretchy clothes that are full of grace and comfortable elastic. And yes, I have been guilty of running into the store dressed in such when a child was sick, we've just finished a walk or when we have been traveling.

But I've never wanted to go to the store dressed in clothing that looks like it belongs either to my husband or to my ten year old niece!! And that's what I saw in Wal-mart yesterday; again and again. Folks wandering the aisles in sweat pants that would have fit much l-a-r-g-e-r individuals and other folks who looked like they could only find things that used to fit them! And no one uses an iron anymore!

You know I've confessed that I'm not a "fashionista" in any way! I am totally dependent on others to match my clothing and create new outfits. But this one thing I do know - I want to be clean, pressed and lookin' my best when I go out into public!

Yep, this was a soap box post today. But it felt like the topic just begged to be: ad-dressed! Smile.


  1. wish you had a voice in our local newspaper. Could you publish this in readers digest?I was in wal-mart and a grown man passed me wearing his P.j'S. You know, 30 some years ago people would of been put in jail for this kind of apparel. Now? we get punished for looking like real woman.

  2. LOL! And don't you just LOVE the new phase of wearing pajama bottoms out in public?!?!? I'm with you on this one!


    Guerrina in Ledyard, CT

  3. Ha, if you check out the website peopleofwalmart.com you'll see enough to keep you cracked up for weeks! It's unbelievable the way some people go out in public!

  4. I have thought those things too. I remember when my parents used to get dressed up to go on an airplane. I feel better about myself when I am dressed and ready for the day....Wish more people felt like us!
    JD from Wilmington NC

  5. Come see how we dress at Walmart in NY!!! Come for a visit!!!