Monday, August 2, 2010

The Special Cup

I love mornings!

Now, don't worry. I have enough sense to not be some ridiculous, in your face, "What's wrong with you, sleepy head?" kind of person. You know, the annoying/chipper people who love morning and feel personally offended if you don't share their passion.

No, I've had too many encounters with night-owls who don't understand why I fall into a semi-conscious state around 9:30 most evenings. That level of harassment will cause you to be more kind when the same people can't seem to enjoy your enthusiasm for a sunrise. "To each his own body-clock!" That's my philosophy.

But I did get a tiny thrill when I stumbled out of our bedroom this morning and realized that my new coffee mug was ready and waiting for use. So here I sit in my dining room; looking out the sliding glass door; delighting in the modulating colors of the sky; listening to the fountain in my goldfish pond; drinking coffee from my new blue and brown mug; sharing with friends. (Uh, that would be you!)

I am a creature of habit and this new coffe mug is kind of a big deal. I've had a favorite cup that has served me loyally for almost twelve years now. It's sturdy enough for the microwave (and obviously the dishwasher.) White ceramic with whimsical Coca-cola symbols predominantly in pastel hues to give it a decidedly feminine flair.

Seldom does anyone else in the family drink from this cup because.....well, it's Mom's cup. I do have other cups as well. (Those who have helped empty the dishwasher at my house will attest to that.) And they are all special in their own way. These two were birthday gifts, these brought home by friends from missions trips, these are strictly used for hot tea and so on.

But the Coca-cola cup is extra special because it has shared so many things with me. In winter, it has offered warmth; in summer, consistency. It's been sitting by as I've laughed with visitors around the table; it has caught my tears when I've felt lonely. It joins me for devotions and has often signaled leisure when there has been time for a second cup of coffee.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of having a favorite cup is that is has given my husband a sure-fire (southern term but totally merited here) delivery method for the all-important "love notes" he often leaves. You know, little scraps of paper tucked inside the cup he KNOWS I'll reach for in the morning. And even though he is long gone- hospital visit, breakfast meeting, gym- I'll smile as it flutters out on to the counter and think warm thoughts. Hmmmmmm.

So why a new cup, you ask?

The reasoning is a bit odd. (But so is drinking from the same cup every morning for twelve years. Sigh.) I have just had this feeling lately that a new season of my life is about to begin and that it needs to be marked - by faith. I've also just come through a rather serious struggle and that "break-through" needs to be marked as well. Sooooooo, a new cup!

It speaks to me every morning that God's mercies are new for today, change is possible, keep hoping because He is faithful, prayers do get answered. (That's a lot of reminding for one little cup. Smile.) Sometimes we just need a tangible reminder of what's going on that we can't see. God is always at work; we can be sure of that!

Do you have a favorite cup? I'd love to hear about it. Right now I have to figure out how to let Frank know I've made a change - don't want to miss any love notes. Smile.


  1. Sheri one time I did have a favorite mug- with a cat on it of course. My husband accidentally broke it & I actually cried. It had been my friend through so many things. Luckily it was a brief cry, but I haven't had a favorite since.

  2. I read your post about the "cup". Not everyone realizes the importance of the "cup" in your routine. It's an old friend, with you through the good times and bad, when you are sick, alone, contemplating world changing plans. Actually, it is a lot like God, always there when you need Him, He will fill you up if you'll let Him, though He's not nearly as fragile, and you don't even have to get out of bed to get Him.