Friday, August 27, 2010

Spaghetti Sort of Day

Today is full of random thoughts which will also lead, most certainly, to random activities.

This would really concern me if I had never read the book: Men are like Waffles, Women are like Spaghetti. If you are married, someday hope to be married, or work around married people, you should read this book. It gives a humorous perspective (and who couldn't use some more humor in their lives) of the vast chasm separating the thinking patterns of men and women.

Apparently men think in "boxes" like a waffle. Go into the box, identify the difficulty, create a plan for conquering the difficulty, CONQUER, exit box, close door and never think of it again.
Quite tidy, don't you think?

Women, on the other hand, tend to think like a plate of spaghetti. Every noodle connects to every other noodle causing each and every issue of her existence to blend together making it impossible to ascertain where one issue leaves off and another begins. Whew! No wonder men prefer being men. Smile.

For the few men who brave reading this post allow me to demonstrate:
  • I found a comment on my last post from a reader all the way out in Nebraska! I love being connected to people from "far away"; so I read her blog (such fun); which reminded me that our friends from England will be arriving next week for a visit; I need to get the house ready; is there still touch-up paint in the garage?; Frank cleaned the garage last week. He is an amazing husband; I should make him a nice dinner; I don't think I have any more frozen dumplings, I'll have to get to the grocery store; the grocery store is near Lowe's and we wanted a few new plants, I should pick those up while I'm over that way.........
There you have it, an extremely brief peek into the feminine mind. A bit scarey, isn't it?! Smile.

Yes, I was able to go from Nebraska to Auburndale Lowe's in just under 2.7 seconds. It's actually rather amazing. Ask your favorite female friend sometime what she's thinking and how she got there. You will definitely be entertained.

So on my docket for today I find these possibilities:
  • blog
  • check on a friend who called earlier
  • follow-up on a Bible study
  • cleaning projects: refrigerator, oven, bathroom, laundry
  • grocery store
  • dinner
  • WALK
  • read
Random day; wonderful to have so many "spaghetti-ish" options! Smile.

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