Friday, August 13, 2010

Florida in August

August is NOT the time to visit Florida!

I know that the visitors bureau would like to squelch this information but you must be told. Do NOT visit Florida in August! It is entirely too hot and humid and buggie for anyone to really enjoy themselves. I should know; I grew up here and now live here again. Don't come in August.

October, March even January are good months for a fabulous trip to FL. But if you come during the months of summer, you come at your own risk! I am more thankful for air conditioning than most people; especially now that "power surges" are a regular part of life for me.

Believe it or not, I remember the evening my dad put the first "window unit" air conditioner in our little house on Creighton Road in Pensacola. Up until that night, we had always depended on the attic fan and "box" fans placed strategically in each room for cooling during the sweltering summers.

(Yes, I AM that old as a matter of fact! I also used an outhouse at my grandmother's church once - so there. Wanna see my AARP membership card?! Smile.)

Now, I find it hard to believe that we lived, worked, went to school and church, cooked (no pun intended) in this heat! Whew! If I had been an adult, I probably would have moved to North Carolina sooner. Yeah, it wasn't very hard for me to make that transition when Frank looked at me with those gorgeous blue eyes over thirty years ago and asked, "Do you think you could ever live outside FL?"

"With you? Let me think......Definitely!!!!" Smile. Well, I didn't answer him quite that quickly. He needed to sweat just a little. Men need to believe that they have "won the prize"; isn't that how it goes?

So after a nice walk this morning at the nature preserve near our home, Frank and I are opting for an afternoon involving adult water sports (washing the car and dogs). As well as time spent in air conditioned rooms and vehicles. I feel certain that I probably lost twelve pounds while walking this morning - I was glistening profusely.

Mom always said: "Horses sweat; men perspire; ladies glisten!" Come to FL next August and I can promise you, you will GLISTEN! Count on it!!

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