Monday, August 23, 2010

Order, Kind Of!

Order is a marvelous thing on so many levels.

I sponsored a jewelry party for Kristin and Meagan last night (they are relaunching their Premier Jewelry business.) That meant the house needed to be "company ready" which is slightly different from "straightened". And being the wonderful young adult women they are, they made sure everything was put back just as it was supposed to be after the party.

Consequently, when I came out to get coffee this morning my kitchen was spotless; the living room pristine; the bathrooms cleaned; the patio glowing. (Well, not really "glowing" but I ran out of adjectives. Smile.) As I sat reveling in the majestic morning artwork, I realized how soothing order actually is to our hearts.

  • Because the house was in order, I could take longer with my devotions and get my post completed before work.
  • A short "to do" list gave me the ability to think creatively while enjoying the sunrise. My mind wasn't cluttered with what must happen before I get out the door.
  • My conversation with Frank was more relaxed. There weren't any little "tasks" I really needed him to do and I wasn't distracted with trying to figure out how to ask him to help do those without really asking. (Whew! That's a lot of undue pressure for morning. I know, Amanda says I should follow my northern counterparts and just say "Frank, please take care of..........." But after thirty-one years of doing things the subtle southern way I don't see change coming easily. Smile.)
  • I was able to immediately find my purse, briefcase, computer, keys.......... What a joy!
Now, most of you probably live with this level of order all the time and won't be able to appreciate the significance of a Monday morning without clutter. For the few confessed "messies" who read this blog, just know that you have a kindred spirit down here in FL!

One good thing about being a bit unorganized came to me this morning. I reached under my bed to pick up a pillow (yes, I do make my bed every day) and noticed a magazine that had escaped the neatly piled stack I have under the bed. It was a Better Homes and Gardens from January 2009. (I know it should have been thrown away a long time ago. But BHG is my annual Christmas present from Mom Hawley and I have trouble throwing them away.)

Anyway, the entire magazine was dedicated to getting organized. Which is what made me think of you, dear readers and how great it would be to write to you about the joy of my orderly morning. (Do you think I could be classified as "easily distracted" too? Smile.)

Hope your week is wonderful!

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  1. Congrats to Kristin and Meagan on their new adventure! My daughter has been in Premier Jewelry for several years and loves it!