Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Princess

There is a very definite reason why I often refer to Gracie as "stupid dog" - because quite simply she is, a stupid dog!

(For those just joining Embrace the Grace, Gracie is my little black and white shih tzu dog who thinks she is the princess of the household. She weighs about twelve pounds, has black button eyes, and a rather serious under bite that makes her look just like Elvis Presley when she peers up at you. We all have our flaws.)

Anyway, the princess was in a wild-child mood this morning and kept doing her morning loop long after I thought appropriate. (Morning Loop: Gracie runs full speed around the living room, hits the love seat and sails right back off in a single bound, continuing on around the living room again at break-neck speed. This wild behavior is typically repeated three times after which said dog collapses in a heap, places her head on her paws, sighs contentedly as though she had just completed the Boston Marathon, looks up for affirmation from whatever human happens to be nearby.) Yep, a princess!

I was moving a bit slowly and wanted her to calm down; which wasn't happening. (Wednesdays are long crate days for both Gracie and Bella so she was running off a little "crate congestion" maybe.) I settled in with my lap quilt, Bible, journal and was just reaching across to set my coffee on the coaster when my own little "Flying Wallenda" attempted her love-seat-sail and crashed directly into my arm which was, of course, the one holding the coffee!

Cafe Vienna sloshed all over the end table, my Bible, my journal, the floor, my off-white leather sofa.......... What's the caption in cartoons? "AAGGGGHHHHH!!!!" To make matters worse, when I hissed her name in my most displeased hissing manner, she totally missed the point and thought I was calling her to come sit with me and snuggle! Stupid Dog!!

While I crawled around on the floor trying to mop up the mess, she kept trying to get as close as possible. Wagging her little plume tail, looking up at me adoringly, sporting the Elvis lip. It seemed for all the world that she would at any moment say, "Thank you! Thank you, very much!" What is a pet owner to do, I ask you?!

So now, as I write, the princess is curled contentedly beside me. Left paw tucked under her chin for support. She is completely oblivious to all the uproar she caused. When she first crashed into me, a children's song immediately came to mind:
"On a day like this,
On a day like this,
On a day like this - I need the Lord to help me!"

And indeed, I do!

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  1. Oh. My. Gosh. She must just be going through a missing Amanda moment...