Saturday, July 30, 2011

Wise Investments

(A.K.A. "How to Reduce Wedding Stress")

My topic today may seem strange, but you'll be glad you read this entry!

I want to share with each of you an incredible investment opportunity that has come to our attention.

If you follow the advice that came to us, if you begin to invest heavily right away, you'll soon be wealthy beyond your wildest imaginings!

Ready? Here it is. The secret tip of the century:


Yes, really!

I want to urge you to begin to invest in relationships of every type. Begin today! Don't waste another minute! Call that family member, invite that friend for coffee, send a note to that former employer, shoot a text to that young person..........

"Oh, I forgot their birthday. I'm sure they don't want to hear from me." I can assure you they DO!
(I sent my sister's birthday gift just last month. Her birthday was in FEBRUARY. You can't be worse than me. Smile.)

"Well, the last time we talked it was awkward." So break the ice! They may be thinking you don't want to talk with them.

Why am I writing about investing in relationships when there are wedding stories to share?

Because for me, the relationships were the REAL story of this fabulous day.

Family and friends planned their entire summer schedule around making it to FL for the wedding. Multiple cars made the journey from different regions of NC, AL and FL. Some flew in from TN, NC and even WI.

And none of these people who went to all that expense and effort came expecting to sit, observe or even to be entertained.

No way!

Everyone put their shoulders to the wheel just as soon as they arrived. If we didn't have a job ready for them, they found one!

It was absolutely amazing. (Of course, Becky and I volunteered our sisters and their families pretty quickly - but they were willing participants. Smile.)

The Smiths and Mantiks found a quiet spot and assembled 150 fans for our guests. (Amanda created these along with the save the date cards and invitations.) After rehearsal, Debbie overheard me talking with Frank about picking up the ingredients for the punch. She immediately insisted on taking that task as well.

The Aulds, Burkes and Hawleys led the way with the cake reception. By the time Ashely S. (Meagan's dear friend who baked the wedding cake) arrived, the tent, tables, chairs and table cloths were all in place. (Generously provided by Church of the Redeemer.)

Liz and Jeremy arrived at 8:00 AM to make sure everyone's make-up looked perfect and that loose ends were braided together. Chris and Kristen were there photographing every move. Dennis volunteered his video services.

Vonnie and Lorrie prepared the punch; which was delicious. Judy and Fay offered decoration help, special decanters and needed utensils. Shirley graced us with homemade banana pudding for the luncheon.

The Asheville Gang (Brenda, Marilyn, Teresa, Amy and Lesa) manned the drink tables and kept dehydration at bay in the 95 degree heat. Members of that team also jumped in to help with prelude music, worship harmony, and all things related to clean up!

When it was time to change venues, everything magically disappeared. Thanks to family and friends.

Ashely B. and the Earps were at the luncheon site around 7:30 AM to make sure tables were ready and centerpieces were in place. And when it became apparent that the waitstaff at our luncheon was sorely lacking, they jumped in and made it appear flawless!

We needed sound and an impromptu DJ at the luncheon. Before I knew to ask, there was John setting up everything and preparing to introduce the wedding party.

Typically, I'm the one bustling around the edges of any given event. Making sure people are in place, things are ready, no one is having a melt-down.

But not on wedding day.

It is important to each of our girls that on their wedding day, Mom and Dad are just that - MOM and DAD. Not pastor, not director, not coordinator, not even entertainer - just Mom and Dad.

What a blessing to stay beside Meagan until time for my own walk down that long aisle.

Drinking in every moment in the bridal room. Catching every stray tear of joy. Observing quietly from the sideline. Relishing each smile, every whisper and the giggles that followed. Focusing on the dress as we carefully slipped it over her head. Tucking the hankie in her bouquet. Grabbing that quick hug, kiss and meaningful glance.

All the while knowing that family and friends had everything else under control. No need for Mom to worry at all. For those few hours, I needed only to be Mom for one of the most important days in my daughter's life.

I reaped richly from the investments we've made over the years on Meagan's wedding day. (Joy's too!) Those dear to us made it possible for me to really "BE THERE" during the festivities. And because of that, I count myself a wealthy woman indeed!

So I'll say to you again - invest in relationships. The dividends pay out through your lifetime and are truly limitless!

PS - So glad to have new friends signing on from Becky's blog site. Welcome! Becky got me started on this great internet adventure, so some of what you read here will sound just like her. It's because I believe in stealing from the BEST! Smile. Thank you for stopping by and for all the encouraging comments.


  1. I'm a Becky follower that found my way here. I too have a cancer survivor, so that is my connection to the smiths. I've watched Nathan grow through her site, so naturally I moved to yours to see meganate grow:) what a lovely daughter and family. Thanks for sharing!
    Kim watts

  2. Wow! What rich words and now good pondering to do. You have a gift! Thank you for sharing your wisdom and including us in meganate!

    sheila from st.louis

  3. Love the new look and all the words about the wedding - keep them coming if you care to - it was such a magnificent event for two wonderful families - congratulations - Mary H - for Smithellaneous but from this blog now also. Hope you don't mind.

  4. today.

    we are enlisting the help of many people in our lives who have been apart of our great 'relationship' building.

    45 days....and counting.....oh boy.