Friday, July 29, 2011


No. My computer did not die.

Yes. I’ve had internet service.

No. I haven’t been sick.

Yes. I’ve intended to write waaayy before now.

Truth is – I’ve been pondering. You know how scripture says that Mary treasured all these things and pondered them in her heart? Well, I came to understand that passage in a whole new light this past week.

The wedding of Meagan and Nathan was so full……so rich… perfect. I’ve just had to sit back this week and drink it all in. I couldn’t write even one sentence describing the experience from my side of the aisle until some serious processing took place.

(I’ve been especially thankful that M.O.G., Becky Smith, started writing as soon as she got home. And the pictures have been a marvelous delight! If you haven’t seen them yet you must check out her site.)

Perhaps another reason I’ve been slow is because this wedding was put together in FIVE very SHORT months! Moving at warp speed can give the “mover” the effect of a great face-lift, but it also leaves one rather limp when all the activity ceases.

Can I get an “AMEN!” from any other M.O.B.’s out there?! Smile.

There are multiple blessings and out right miracles to share with you over the coming days. If wedding stories bore you, please just check back around October. I should be finished with them by that time.

One story I’ll treasure for years to come involves Meagan’s special relationship with Jesus. Our family has laughed through the years saying that if anyone has a direct line to the heavenly Father, it’s Meagan Elizabeth.

She has a quiet but strong faith that has built over the years as whispered prayers have become reality time and again. She believes strongly in two passages, “You have not because you ask not.” And “He delights to give us the desires of our hearts.”

Case in point:

The day before the wedding was packed even though we’d tried to avoid leaving anything to the last minute. You know how that goes.

We all finally fell into bed around 11:30 hoping to get some serious sleep before the alarms began ringing at 5:00 AM.

In the middle of the night, Meagan woke with a start to the sound of heavy, pelting rain; complete with thunder and lightening.

Her first thought was, “Oh Jesus, please don’t let it rain out my wedding!”

(While the ceremony was indoors, the cake reception was scheduled for the lovely patio in front of the church and overlooking a lake. Rain would end those plans without question!)

A whispered response came to her heart almost immediately, “Am I not the God of all things? I’ve got this.”

Meagan recognized the Voice. She knew that even if it did rain, God had promised He had it all under control. He would work it out.

So, she turned over in bed. Adjusted her pillow. And promptly fell back asleep. He had it! That was enough for her.

As it turned out, we did have rain. But not until the late afternoon. And by then, a certain young couple – now husband and wife – were already in their little silver Nissan headed out of the parking lot.

They waved good-bye until out of sight. And Mom stood on the stairway pondering the intimacy of a genuine relationship with this God who:

  • Hears every prayer.
  • Knows every desire of His precious children.
  • And delights in sharing with us “kisses from Heaven”.
Story 2

Soon after becoming engaged, Meagan and Nathan were trying to determine an actual date for their big celebration. Multiple possibilities were tossed around. Family schedules were considered. Along with church plans, work, missions trips, etc.

So much hinged on that critical decision and the pair had gotten a bit frustrated with the whole process.

Then Meagan found this: “On the twenty-third day of the seventh month he sent the people home. Joyful and glad in heart for the good things the Lord had done….” 2 Chronicles 7:10

On our 2011 calendar, that translated to July 23. A date they were already considering.

Pretty amazing, don’t you think? Yeah, we did too.

Because she’s just as practical as she is adorable, Meagan used tongue depressors to make the wedding program into a fan for each guest. (Special thanks to Amanda, the Smiths and Mantiks for turning that idea into a reality!)

On the opposite side of the program? Big letters and romantic scroll work served as the backdrop for the private message from heaven to the couple - 2 Chronicles 7:10. I don’t think it was originally recorded as a prophetic message. But for the Hawleys and Smiths, it became just that.

So we all went home last Saturday joyful and glad in heart for ALL the Lord had done. Big, Contented Sigh!

(Too many words today – but I’ve been storing up. Funny and poignant stories to follow. Smile.)


  1. hi,
    after reading your post this am (re Meagan's relationship with Jesus); I know now this marriage will last...and from descriptions and the photos posted it is easy to recognize that it was a perfect wedding and a beautiful day for a wedding. When you walk with God you walk a perfect matter what path you walk. See Psalms 16:1 or Ch. 1 Verse 16...I cannot remember & the only Bible I have in bed with me is a NIV New Testament and it does not have Psalms in it....however when I get up later I will check it out and let you know if it is different...

    Becky's Texas friend...Fran

  2. I found your site through the MOG's site. I truly enjoy your writings. I can not wait to read more wedding stories. You certainly have been blessed with a beautiful daughter. Anna

  3. that has to be the greatest wedding date story ever!!!
    I can't wait to share that one, that's for sure!

    mrs pam