Thursday, July 14, 2011


When we served as evangelists, Joy and Meagan sang a duet entitled, "Call On Jesus".

The chorus opened with an incredibly powerful statement, "When I call on Jesus, all things are possible!"

I can close my eyes and still see those two on stage. Side by Side. Colorful blouses with their Sunday suits and high-heeled shoes. Long blonde (or brunette or highlighted or red) hair. Smile.

They sang with such conviction; such passion. The song often brought people in the congregation to tears as they internalized the wonderful truth.

I lived that song yesterday.

Sleep decided to flee around 4:00 yesterday morning. So I got up to read, spend some quiet time, do a little writing. My family frowns on tasks involving vacuum cleaners and dishwashers prior to dawn. Imagine!

As I finished praying, I breathed out a little whisper. "Lord, please put us on someone's heart today. I could really use the extra prayer covering." It was part exasperation; part petition.

We have so many things swirling in our heads these days. Just because there's a wedding in nine days doesn't mean everything else comes grinding to a halt. You know how it is.

The sun came up, everyone kicked into high gear and my request was forgotten.

Forgotten by me, that is. Not by my Heavenly Father.

Before noon I had received emails from friends in two different parts of the country:
  • "Just wanted you to know I'm thinking of you today. Sending prayers and extra hugs your way."
  • "We know things are hectic right now. Wanted you to know we're praying for you."
When the second one arrived, I bowed my head in gratitude there at my desk. Tears rolled silently down my cheeks. How amazing to be reminded that He hears us when we call on Him! Even if it's only in a half-hearted fashion.

David said it well in Psalm 145, "The Lord is near to all who call on him......"

So if someone comes to mind that you haven't thought of in a long while, perhaps you should send them an email. Your act of thoughtfulness may be an answer to their prayer.

And how awesome to be in league with the Almighty Himself!

Note: I've only lost one other post in all the time I've been blogging. When I lost this one and had to totally reproduce it, I knew someone out there needs it! Send that email. Smile.


  1. I will keep you in my prayers and whomever else God throws on my heart today. Thank you for the reminder to find God in the details! I am getting excited for the wedding posts and pictures.

    Sheila from St. Louis

  2. Totally needed to hear it! Thank you Sheri.