Monday, July 18, 2011

Kitchen Rugs

The guest rugs are in place!

We tend to have a little more than the average amount of "guest traffic". So, I have an extra set of kitchen throw rugs reserved for "guest appearances" only.

I fished them out of storage yesterday for our little lingerie shower and plan to leave them in place until the last wedding guest has departed.

THIS WEEK! The wedding takes place just five short days from this one. FIVE DAYS! (If I were intrigued with math, I'd take time to compute the hours for you. But no time. Smile.)

Along with the regular morning routine, I've already:
  • Checked the weather forecast for Saturday - promising.
  • Scanned the response list.
  • Adjusted scheduling.
  • Confirmed travel arrangements.
  • Rehearsed the calendar with Frank.
Okay. Nap Time! I wish.

Steve, Becky and Sarah arrive this evening. I take comfort in knowing that the one other woman in this world who also wants to see Saturday come off without a hitch as much as I do, will be joining me shortly. We may only be able to stand in some corner comforting each other but at least we'll have each other! Smile.

Rest assured that her blog site: smithellanaeous will have copious quantities of colorful pictures. (Needed a "Q" word there but couldn't think of one quickly enough.)

Lots to be done.

But the bottom line is this:
  • In five short days, our baby girl will marry the man she has prayed for over five years.
  • We will celebrate and express gratitude to God for His perfect timing and His wonderful plans.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Smith will drive away from the reception on Saturday knowing that people are praying for them.
  • We'll trust for a life of fulfillment as they continue to allow the Heavenly Father to order their footsteps.
  • Family and friends will drive away with a renewed appreciation for God's work in all our lives and the beauty of marriage as He designed it.
I'd say all that merits the guest rugs being out, wouldn't you? Smile.


  1. Sheri,

    I have been following Becky since the very beginning of Sarah's CB Site and than Smithellaneous! I have stopped by here as well but never commented. Today, I can't keep my mouth shut (wink, wink)! I just had to tell you how happy I am for your family (the Smith's, too); and of course the soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Smith!

    They are wise beyond their years, and they are going to make a gorgeous, and amazing couple!

    Many prayers are being sent too Florida, for the perfect day; weather, family, friends, fellowship & everything else in between.

    Congratulations (aka Mazal Tov--BIG SMILE),


  2. Congrat's to you all! I'll be praying that your week is full of great memories...lots of laughter...and happy...happy..tears, :-)

  3. I am a "friend" of Sarah's Spot and Smithellaneous for many years and have been the blessed recipient of many of Becky's prayers, thoughts and encouragement that have helped me through some rough times and some wonderful times. Prayers are sent to you for the most joyous of days as you celebrate the beginning of the lives of Mrs. and Mrs. Nathan Smith - they are a beautiful couple inside and out - God is so pleased. Enjoy it from beginning to end - it will be glorious for many years. Mary H.