Saturday, July 23, 2011

Ya'll Come!

The planning is over.

The rehearsal completed.

The clothes all laid out.

The flowers waiting in silence.


We're going to the chapel and they're gonna get married.

It's not a movie; this is the REAL thing, Baby.

(My exhausted state has reduced me to a series of trite quotes, I fear. Better stop while I'm ahead.)

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers, dear readers. The ceremony begins at 10:30 EST. Join us in heart, won't you? Smile.


  1. In my heart and prayers. Joyous day. Mary H.

  2. Congratulations Meagan and Nathan!!

  3. Congrats Meagan and Nathan! and the whole family! What a joyous time!

  4. Seriously cannot wait to hear of the blessed day! Congrats to Meagan and Nate! So very well done to Mom and Dad!

    Sheila from St. Louis

  5. I was with you in spirit, Sheri. I just know everything was beautiful. Can't wait to see the photos. Please share them with us. Love Ya!!!

  6. Hi Sheri,
    I am a follower of Becky's site and popped over here to say Congratulations and everything was so beautiful. Saw a teaser of pictures from Becky's site this morning. Megan looked stunning, loved her dress. Your MOB dress looked beautiful on you too! It looked like everything turned out great. Now you can relax and breathe. Looking forward to reading your post about the big day and seeing more pictures!

  7. Yes everything was beautiful...the dresses, the flowers, the cake and most especially the bride, her dress and new husband am a regular reader of Becky and Sarah's sites and am fast becoming a regular here on your site... Just wanted to say what a wonderful event you did in their wedding and I loved seeing everything about the wedding and your families....Blessings in Jesus,,, from Fran in Texas

  8. I caught a wee picture of you and your beautiful blue dress
    (via becky's blog).
    I loved that story, and copied it for a friend who will also be a MOB this fall.

    Meagan was such a gorgeous bride!!! loved the flowers with the beautiful yellow dresses, too.

    Mrs. Pam