Saturday, May 28, 2011


"Two are better than one...."

Every spring this statement is illustrated in the skies all around us. I'll bet you've seen it taking place multiple times.

Just watch today.

At some point you'll spot a large bird being chased by two smaller ones. They dip and turn while flying at break-neck speed. And the attack is evident; no need to wonder what's going on here. The two little birds are driving away the larger one.


What could possibly motivate the miniature creatures to attack the monstrous? Don't they realize that if the other bird turns, they could be lunch? Don't they understand that he has more stamina, he's faster, his beak and claws are stronger?

Sure, they sense the danger. But there is an instinct stronger than fear.


The bigger fowl has tried to make a snack of their treasured eggs. And that mama/papa duo have no intention of allowing him to succeed!

It's apparent that one tiny bird could never drive away the predator. He would simply ignore one. But TWO? Now that's a different story.

One attacks from the right, while the other catches him from behind. They work in tandem to thwart the thief. I've seen smaller birds peck, screech at, even claw a bird twice their size. Seemingly oblivious to the danger.

But they must protect the nest at all costs. And so together, they fight.

It's always an encouragement to my own soul to watch the "Goliath" finally swoop away. And it reminds me why family and friends are so vitally important. Why we've prayed diligently that our girls would find Godly spouses.

Because two are better than one!

We all need a "wing man" willing to fly with us through life. Someone who will attack the enemy with us. Someone who will encourage and push us.

William Wadsworth said, "He who has a good friend needs no mirror." Isn't that a great line?!

Solomon said, "If one falls down, the other helps lift him up..."

In just a little while, we'll head off to the flower warehouse once again. Why? Because we want to mark the union of Meagan and Nate with beauty.

They will become lifetime "wing men" for one another. When one is discouraged, the other will offer hope. When one is frightened, the other will pray faith. When one gets off-track, the other will mirror God's truth. When one falls, the other will speak life.

Just watch the sky over the next few days. I'll bet you see a demonstration of this truth for yourself. Perhaps it will remind you to thank your own spouse/friend for their work of encouragement in your life.

Speaking of which, I need to go give my number one wing man a hug right now! Smile.

P. S. I have NOT erased the followers list on the sidebar. It's actually pretty exciting to see new faces added. My computer decided to take charge and I'm getting help to put things back to normal. Thanks for your patience.

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  1. Awwww. That brought tears to my eyes--such wonderful writing. (And great alliteration, too!)

    Love you