Tuesday, May 31, 2011

TV Trivia

Confession is good for the soul.

So here it is! I love to watch.......................WHEEL OF FORTUNE!!

There. I said it. It's out there for all the world to know. I am an avid fan! And the sad truth is, I've been watching it longer than some of you dear readers have lived!

Whew. That's a tough truth to swallow! Smile.

I first became aware of "the Wheel" when Frank and I were newly married. The lady who lived across the street from us watched Wheel of Fortune with more religious fervor than she applied to church attendance.

In our thinking, she was seriously out of balance and terribly old. (I recently realized that although out of balance, she was probably much younger than I am now. Sigh.)

For a short time, Meagan shared our evangelist/gypsy life without the benefit of her two sisters. It was just Mom, Dad and Meagan traveling the highways together.

She often told people that the toughest part was our evening ritual: Dinner. Evening News. Wheel of Fortune. Jeopardy. Bedtime.

It wasn't really that bad! Sometimes we managed to stay awake for a video. Smile.

But Pat and Vanna do feel a bit like old friends. Here's why -

Years ago, I was involved in a home-school group that included a mom named Linda. Now, Linda was a cheerleader in high school. And Vanna was on her squad. The two remained very good friends and stayed in touch.

Every Christmas, I got to see Vanna's newest greeting card on Linda's refrigerator. So, didn't that make me practically family with the Whites?

Okay, so maybe that's a stretch. Smile.

I still enjoy watching anytime we make it home that early. That is, if I get to hold the remote. (Frank is not as big a fan.)

Imagine the joy of my most recent Wheel of Fortune discovery. While waiting with a young church member in a doctor's office, she started playing with her phone. Usually, I ignore the activities of under-30's and their phones. Much too complicated for me.

But to my amazement, she was playing.........The Wheel! She patiently explained the finer art of tiny wheel activity and I was in heaven. I became so engrossed in the toss-up puzzle that I almost missed the entrance of the doctor!

Frank has since installed the game on my very own phone. (I love that man!) Now, I'm able to play the wheel to my heart's content while waiting for all the people I so often wait for.

I have no particular reason for this personal revelation. It just seemed like one of those things you share with friends.

And if you happen to hear that Linda is looking for her missing 1997 Christmas card from Vanna, please don't give me away! Smile.

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