Monday, May 16, 2011

Game On

A special plane landed at Orlando International Airport last night.

The airliner carried one Nathan Andrew Smith. You probably saw a flash of light in the southern skies around 7:30 PM. That was from the smile of one Meagan Elizabeth Hawley who greeted the afore mentioned Mr. Smith. She was one happy bride-to-be!

Now, they have greeted one another at airports for years but this “gathering of the arriver” was a little more special. You see, a wedding will be taking place on July 23rd. July 23rd of this year! In case you’re big on numbers, that’s approximately 68 days from now.

Meagan (having also lived through a closing semester of college with its projects and final exams and papers) had determined that all major wedding planning would need to wait until AFTER Nathan could get through graduation.

(Run-on sentence for a run-on situation. Smile.)

Time sensitive issues were decided in a very low-key manner shortly after the engagement. Ceremony location, reception plans, honeymoon, the DRESS………. Then, the waiting began.

And in the fullness of time, Nathan Graduated.

Now comes each of the nitty-gritty, must be decided, financial evaluating, schedule wrangling issues that accompany all weddings.

On Saturday, we visited a massive warehouse-type place to garner ideas for decorations. Thousands of square feet containing flowers, favors and even furniture. All under one roof.

At one point, Meagan got so overwhelmed that she just sat right down in the floor and leaned back against a ten foot high, flower-laden shelf.

Knowing her all these years, we felt it best to let her sit quietly for a moment! Meagan has always been one to know what she wants and know how to make it happen - simply. Great qualities to have when there's a wedding to plan.

The man of the hour has returned.

The woman of the hour has her list in hand.

And it’s "game on" for the happy couple!

Kinda glad that my part is to cheer from the sidelines. How about you?! Smile.

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