Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Do you believe in magic?

(If you love oldies, that phrase causes a melody line to immediately leap into your consciousness. Now you'll be annoyed with me because that song will be playing in your head all day long! Smile.)

I ask this simple question because of an experience I had last night.

Our monthly church board meeting was to begin at 6:30 and I realized at 4:30 that none of my usual "helpers" would be available.

Now, our team gets together every month, husbands and wives. We share a meal that always includes healthy servings of laughter and encouragement. Then we discuss the business of the church. Pray together. Clean up and leave.

It's a marvelous arrangement that has served us well these six years.

This month, we chose to meet at the church and just order pizza.

But every woman reading this blog knows that you don't just "order pizza" for a group like this.

Most times, I have the great luxury of walking into our fellowship hall and discovering that it has somehow been magically transformed. We find an inviting set up complete with plates, napkins, utensils, cups with ice, table cloths, etc., etc., etc.

Usually this service is performed by either Amanda or Kristin. And while I say "thank you" profusely, I'm not sure I appreciated their efforts enough - until now.

Like I said, last night these ladies were otherwise occupied and the task was mine alone. I hear some of you saying, "Sheri, just how hard is it to throw some paper plates on the counter and serve pizza?!"

To which I reply, "HA!!"

Please remember that I am severely challenged when it comes to all matters of decorating. SEVERELY! As a result, even the simplest of choices about plates, cups, centerpieces and such causes great anxiety in my heart.

I'm literally surrounded by creative people who can turn a milk jug, masking tape and yarn into a designer lamp in under an hour! That's pretty intimidating.

Now, bear in mind that if you want a sermon prepared and someone to deliver it, I'm your girl.

But pulling together elements to create a casual yet sophisticated little centerpiece which coordinates with the central color theme and feel of the room? Well, my stomach is churning again just thinking about it! Smile.

As I started trying to create a pleasing environment for our meeting room last night, I was shocked to find huge waves of insecurity crashing around me. By the time I'd made my fourth change to the arrangements, I was done for!

I marched down to Frank's office and said, "I've worked really hard on setting up that room and I still feel like it looks wrong. When you come in, please tell me I did a good job!"

There's nothing like unsolicited praise! Smile.

Ridiculous. I know. But real. Very real.

Insecurity attacks us all in varying ways. And if I'm not careful, it can cripple me and keep me from ever trying anything I'm unsure about.

I once heard Oprah Winfrey quoted as never trying anything in front of others that she thought might cause her to be embarrassed. And here she is, the very embodiment of confidence to thousands, maybe millions, of people.

Insecurity is a subtle yet insidious tool of the enemy that keeps us from our full potential, if we allow it.

Let me offer this awesome statement. "God's sovereignty makes my insecurities irrelevant." - James T. Bradford. Powerful, right?!

(I never supposed that a great sermon could spring forth from the choosing of yellow paper plates over blue. But here it is. Smile.)

My point?

Simply this. Everyone we encounter today is probably wondering if they're "getting it right". Perhaps we have a part to play in their day.

Instead of just walking in and being the recipient of their "gifting" without marking it, maybe we can be the ones to identify the "magic" they've created.

"What a terrific haircut. Thanks so much!"

"You served that burger quickly and by the way, thanks for the great smile."

"I appreciate you returning my phone call promptly."

"This letter states exactly what I needed it to, thanks."

"You've been such a patient teacher for my child. We couldn't have asked for anyone better."

Get the idea?

Choose to be the one who gives a "knock out punch" to the insecurities plaguing someone else. In the process, you may be surprised to discover your own fears diminished!

And by the way, "Thanks again, Kristin and Amanda!" Smile.

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  1. James Bradford spoke at NY District Council last week and he said the quote to us you referenced...I quickly wrote it down and now I see it again...don't you just love how God hammers home His point to us so individually! Oh, and by the way, thanks for the "magic"...Thanks for a great blog! :)