Monday, May 2, 2011

A Special Touch

Every living creature needs touch!

Many years ago Frank and I came across an interesting fact. Psychologists say that we need an average of eight meaningful touches a day in order to maintain emotional well-being. (Better get started. Smile.)

We thought that truth mostly applied to human beings. But I've come to believe that Gracie and Bella think they too must have meaningful touch. Or else they get naughty!

Life around "Wedding Central" has been pretty busy. Not much time for sitting and petting; not much time for long walks. Our major contact with the pets has been: feed, water, turn them outside while making coffee, "Hurry up! Go already!!"

So Gracie decided this past week to let us know she needs some attention. She became part goat and started eating every imaginable "non-food" item she could scavenge. The boiling point came when she destroyed Frank's cap from The Pearl (a favorite golf course in NC).

We nearly had a shih-tzu rug!!

She has been relegated back to her kennel any time we leave. And Bella (who had started running off) has to be closely monitored when we let her outside. Neither one of them has been happy with the changes.

And lest you feel badly for the "critters", Frank and I both spent a little extra time with them last night and again this morning to catch up. Smile.

The touch response starts early with human beings. It has been precious watching Spencer as he interacts with Joy and John. At just three months of age, he responds to their touch. When Joy kisses his cheek, he turns his head toward her every single time. It's amazing.

I had him in my office yesterday morning while mom and dad prepared for the upcoming worship service. He stared cooing and "talking" to me. Gripping my finger with his tiny, determined hand. It was impossible for me to turn away and get any work done myself.

His little voice had tentacles that reached in and totally commandeered my heart!

(Frank, who could hear his grandson talking, had to exercise serious self-discipline in order to stay in his office and keep working. Smile.)

All this connecting caused a scripture to really come to life for me this morning. "The children of your servants will live in your presence; their descendants will be established before you." Psalm 102:28.

What better promise than to know that God intends to take hold of us; establishing us and our descendants? He has the whole world in His hands!

That's a meaningful touch indeed.


  1. 8 touches a day, huh? I think I'm lacking!

  2. I know, right?! Many days I am too, Rachel. I have to go find someone to hug! :-)

  3. Eight touches a day, hmmmm...does the cat's touch count?

    Sheri, are you finding being a grandparent more "fun"/different than being a parent? I do and I think it's because the responsibility level is different - there, but different. I just want to be around Nipo every chance I can and he fascinates me AND I DON'T HAVE TO BE THE "BAD" GUY!

    Clarification - Neep was born out of nipote (neh poh' tay) which is Italian for grandson. I call him Nipo, but since he's named after his Dad, some cousins started referring to him as The Neep/Neeps. I'm sure he'll set us straight at some point! But he'll always be my Nipo!

  4. I always had a hard time when people tryed to hug me..AND kiss!?"yeah right"! When I entered the front door of Garden Grove.......All that changed... Now? I look for hugs and kisses, its been a HUGH!! part of my healing. One hug, means more than a 1000 words AND all kisses?... "I consider".... are just reminders that He really loves and cares for ME.