Friday, May 27, 2011


Have you ever had to wait an unusually long time to brush your teeth?

Or maybe you've traveled overseas and discovered that most of the world considers a hot shower to be a luxury. Have you slept several nights in a bed that causes you to roll to the middle? Or have you lived without electricity for two or three days?

These experiences will cause great appreciation to well up in your heart when your "normal" is restored. That's kind of how I feel about posting today.

The only "normal" for my life right now is that absolutely everything is completely and totally AB-normal! (Too many adverbs for one sentence, but I feel sure you understand. Smile.)

Frank and I had a wonderful time teaching at the family conference in Virginia this week. (While the main emphasis was marriage, we expanded it to include relationships of all types.)

We taught five sessions over the three days and grew to love the people there. One lady put it well, "It's like discovering family we didn't know we had!" Looking at the deep issues of our lives and banding together to ask God's help, tends to bond people.

We flew back to Orlando Wednesday and hit the ground running. A small window of opportunity to post came last night and I couldn't get on Google. Seems they had forgotten me! Smile.

So anyway, I'm back. Wedding plans humming along, church family marching on, speaking engagements gearing up, perfect grandson laughing out loud, and two lonely dogs crowding my space. Life is good! Smile.

When the girls were little, someone started a tradition that marked our return home after a long trip or even a long ride. We would break into our own rendition of the nursery song, "To market. To market to buy a fat hog. Home again. Home again jiggety jog. To market. To market to buy a fat pig. Home again. Home again jiggety jig!"

(I know. Now you'll have that ridiculous tune stuck in your head all day. Sorry!)

I have a great story I've wanted to write for a looong time coming to the next post. Stay tuned......and thanks for your patience!

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