Friday, September 24, 2010


Such a funny story!

If you've been reading "Embrace the Grace," it doesn't take long to realize that our family has a decidedly warped sense of humor. We came by this honestly - it was my mom who so often said, "In this life you're going to laugh a lot or cry a lot. I choose to laugh!"

We've all adopted her philosophy to the best of our ability and have truthfully found it to be the best of the two options.

Hence the humor in the following story. Last night, Meagan and Nathan found themselves on a very special "dress-up date". Meagan's braces were removed yesterday and with perfect timing Nathan got a pay check so they had planned this very special evening of dual celebration. Nathan arrived totally decked out in suit and tie - so debonair! And Meagan chose a simple black dress - her smile was brilliant enough on its own!

(I only wish my blog included photography so you could see pictures of the truly handsome couple! I'll bet there will be some on Smithellaneous very soon. Smile.)

Off they went, laughing together and beaming.

Meagan said Nathan (who planned the date entirely on his own - three cheers for chivalry) had chosen a terrific restaurant and they were having a perfect evening when IT happened.

Meagan turned her head to sneeze and immediately felt a draft. The invisible zipper in her little black dress gave way and left her with only two connection points: the hook and eye at top and two fragile teeth clinging together halfway down her side.

SHOCK! Total and complete shock!! What to do?

She did what every other self-respecting 22 year old would do in such a horrendously embarrassing moment - she burst out laughing! (Yeah, I know. Laughing isn't normally the first reaction but maybe it should be.)

Nathan diverted his attention like a perfect gentleman. Then Meagan gathered enough composure to clamp her arm to her side and slip to where several waitresses were standing. "Where is your restroom? And could one of you come with me - I have a problem!"

She said the waitress worked with the nylon zipper but had no success. A second waitress was called in for back up. While the dress wasn't really tight, it would not go over her head so she could get it off and work on it herself. The two waitresses were stumped and said they were going to get more assistance.

Meagan was left to wait in the bathroom, all alone, gaping dress, no phone to text Nate.......but she did have the camera in her hand for some odd reason. So she entertained herself making a short video because she knew her sisters would never believe it! Smile.

Finally, an older waitress came in to assess the situation. She then sent a waiter running down the block to CVS for safety pins. He was a Ninja because he took time to think through choosing a package of black and white safety pins instead of the silver ones as he was pretty sure the girl stuck in the bathroom had been wearing a black dress! Well Done!

The wait staff then sifted through the lost and found bin and gave Meagan a lovely black sweater which had been left behind by some earlier patron. (New York and Co.; she was quite pleased!)

Meagan made her way back to the table; walking carefully so as not to pop any of the eight safety pins holding her dress together. The cute couple finished dessert. (Nate is in college for heaven's sake. You can't waste dessert!) Then made their way back to Winter Haven.

Little Black Dress - Zipperless
New Sweater - Much Appreciated
Perfect Evening - Not So Much

Great Memory - PRICELESS!!

Hope your week-end holds much humor.