Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It's About Time

The past few days I've been staying up later than usual and still getting up very early. Then I saw a facebook comment by a friend who summed it up beautifully, "I stay up late at night only to realize the next morning that this is not a good idea!" Smile.

So I wondered again for the millioneth time, why is it that some of us are night owls and others know that the darkest hour truly is just before dawn? (Frank is the night owl in our family. But he graciously adapted to turning in early and getting up early soon after we married. Probably because I was more grumpy than him if we did it the other way. Sigh.)

I guess we are all just looking for a little slice of quiet and solitude in our hectic lives!

For some (Frank, my friend, my kids) that happens at night after everyone else has turned in and the house is quiet; the phone quits ringing; children, birds, dogs and even bullfrogs have gone silent. For others (like me) that moment comes just before daylight when everyone is blissfully dreaming or already reading their own devotions. There are no expectations; you aren't "behind"; the moment belongs completely to you!

Ahhhhhh! Do you feel the calm?

I've heard more than a few preachers talk about living in that state of calm all the time. Sounds a little like "Nirvana" to me. Smile. But then I read Psalm 23 again and realize that:
  • The calm is for my soul, not my circumstances.
  • He leads me there - I'm not required to get there on my own.
  • There is no room for fear in this state.
  • No enemy is allowed to harass me there.
Okay, so this is a location worth finding. (Does anyone have those co-ordinates in their GPS?!)

Yes, I know. The address is one already listed: Psalm 23. Whether you make the journey late at night or early in the morning, be sure to visit daily. Your family will thank you as does mine!

Oh you must have this little funny for today. At our ladies meeting last night, we used the old playground game "Telephone" to illustrate our point for the evening. (You remember. One person starts a phrase which is then whispered from person to person. The last one tells what they heard and it seldom matches the initial phrase?)

So our starting phrase was: "All I want to do when the day is through is linger here on the front porch with you." Some groups came close to repeating it correctly, others did not! Our favorite for the evening was the table that ended with: "All I want to do is sit on the front porch and eat wings with you!" Ya gotta love it!

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