Sunday, September 12, 2010


Okay, so right now I'm attempting to take a deep breath that I hope will tide me over until next Sunday night.

Occasionally, our wonderful life really lights up with excitement and this will be one of those weeks. We have meetings every single night (including tonight but I skipped out. Smile.) There will be a district wide ministry training on Friday and Saturday. My dad is coming down to spend the week with us. Another friend will be arriving just before Dad leaves. And of course there will be all the standard meetings that go into a regular week. Are we there yet?!

It would seem overwhelming except - we enjoy "living large"!! My sister (Vonnie) has often said, "Sheri, your life gives me heartburn. I get off the phone with you and go find my Tums!"

And believe it or not, there are blessings that go along with all this chaotic clamor.
  • Dad requires very little entertaining. He just enjoys hanging out, going to lunch, a little fishing, visiting a few friends. Really pretty easy. Of course, he does prefer to hold the remote control while he and Frank watch FOX news. Age trumps home ownership.
  • The evening events are meetings we will enjoy and other than one meal and an agenda, they will pretty much run themselves.
  • I get to teach a workshop at the ministry training event this weekend and I'm very excited about that!
  • Our pastor friend who will be coming is an exemplary house guest and asked only for a blanket, a pillow and a towel to be happy. Smile.
  • The house is all clean and the laundry is even put away! (Collective ahhhhh.)
I will probably hold tightly to a new favorite verse this week: "The Lord gives strength to his people; the Lord blesses his people with peace."

Yep, that thought should get me to Thursday at least! Smile.

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  1. Whew! I'm glad you skipped out on last night's meeting, at least. When Steve gets there, put him to work vacuuming or doing dishes. :-)

    Just think, next Monday at this time you can say, "Whew! We did it!"