Tuesday, September 28, 2010

In a Nutshell

This week we are working diligently on the web page for our church. Let me tell you, this is no small chore!

There is so much involved with this technology that Frank and I don't know about or understand. Directing this venture that will represent our church to the public at large is tough! It feels a little bit like a blind man driving up a mountainside.

(Not that I'm blind and would have any idea what that feels like really - I just thought it sounded suitably dramatic. Smile.)

Fortunately, Frank has done an excellent job of staffing to our weaknesses (just like John Maxwell has taught us.) And we are surrounded with people who DO understand what we're trying to do.

Still, determining the text that will best represent our congregation on the World Wide Web is a daunting task. Then add to this the fact that the generation we're targeting (20-35 year olds) won't take time to read long, flowery explanations. They want bullet points:
  • Live Well
  • Love Much
  • Laugh Often
Now, I happen to love that succinct philosophy for life as much as the next guy/gal. (I have this very quote on a plaque in my kitchen. You know, the resin banner that looks like a grapevine; the one from Kirkland's? Smile.)

But all this work with wording for the website made me start wondering. How would I summarize my life philosophy in 144 characters or less; is that even possible? (For those of you in my generation who want to be "in the know"- 144 characters is the standard length of a text that under-30's will take time to actually read or process. Oops see, I'm over the limit right there. Sigh.)

So this morning, when I came across this great thought in Ephesians 5, I immediately stopped to ponder. "Find out what pleases God." There it is, in a nutshell! Just live with a simple purpose: to find out what pleases God, then do that. Certainly uncomplicates things, doesn't it?!

I think my Presbyterian friends have had it right all along. Part of their catechism says: "The chief end of man is to love God and enjoy Him forever." I really like that!

So, I'm heading out into my busy world today carrying one simple thought as my goal - find out what pleases God and do it!

Hope you enjoy success doing the same!

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