Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Day of Joy

The day has finally arrived! Yes, today is the day we've been anticipating for so long!! This very afternoon, Frank and I will walk into a store here in central FL. We will wander the aisles for a few moments and with great care, some giggling, maybe even a couple of joy-filled tears, we will select something PINK or something BLUE.

Today we will know if our grandbaby is a boy or a girl!!!!

Truth be known, the gender of this child is irrelevant to us; we are already head over heels in love. But knowing the gender will greatly aid us in the purchases we plan to begin making TODAY! Smile.

Yes, there will be a copious quantity of green items (Frank's favorite color) and even a few yellow things. But the most fun is found in purchasing either frills, ribbons, lace and bows or trucks, caps, tools and trains.

(I'm aware that we are completely out of control. Please bear with us just a moment. Our financial reality - which is similar to everyone else's - will bring us back to our senses pretty quickly. Smile.)

It is hard to fathom that this time last year, we were still grieving the loss of our first longed-for grandchild. (Joy and John experienced a miscarriage and it has taken some time to recover from that sorrow. We will always know that their first little one is being cared for by Mema, who arrived in heaven just weeks before.)

But here we are standing on the cusp of a whole new season in all our lives and I am overcome with gratitude! God is forever gracious and faithful.

Perhaps you've noticed an unidentifiable glow coming from the direction of upstate NY recently. That's because the other "first time G-mama" is beaming just as brightly as I am. Linda and John can hardly contain themselves.

Well, I'm sure all this giddiness is more intense on the part of the grandmothers. But the granddads are pretty pleased as well. Thank heaven for stable men. Smile.

Rest assured, dear readers - there WILL be a new post tomorrow morning. Maybe even tonight! Smile.


  1. How exciting is that!!? I'm pulling for a BOY. Or a GIRL! :-)

    Enjoy the day.

  2. This is a very ecstatic day.We will be

    celebrating along side you, Nanna Hawley!

    could you post it on the sign outside the church!!?This is GOOD NEWS for ALL to see.

  3. Waiting! Waiting! Grandchildren are sooooo much fun! And it doesn't matter if they are blue or pink!

  4. Our parents (first time Grandparents) were VERY excited to hear the news! Although truth be told I think my Dad had John Deere tractors bought long before he knew boy/girl!!