Friday, September 10, 2010

Just a Thought

Shortest post of all time!

My battery is low; my day is full; my heart is overflowing. Nothing especially unusual has happened, I was just reminded early this morning how important gratitude is in each of our lives.

So today I'm counting blessings: a Godly husband, family, friends, church family, health, blue skies, cloudy skies, eyes to see the skies! Smile. As I sat quietly and began to ponder the blessings of my life in the midst of difficulty, my whole attitude changed.

I guess Paul knew something when he encouraged us to find contentment in ALL our circumstances.

Yep, shortest post of all time. But I hope it gives you the challenge of creating your own l-o-n-g list of blessing!


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  2. never under estimate your short post. It could be the ray of light needed in ones dark bedlam.