Tuesday, October 30, 2012


So, maybe just one more post about Spencer this month!

I try not to insist that everyone love my grandchildren just as much as I do.  (Although, I don't know anyone who can resist their precious smiles!)

But I did get to tell this to Linda first; so I think it's okay to hit the "share all" button on it.

Spencer has a new favorite word: "Hup!"

He uses it quite often these days making me roar with laughter and squeezing my heart all at the same time.

Seems his mama has taught him that "Hup!" is an important word for every little man-in-training.  Have you guessed the meaning of "Hup!" yet?

Well, let me share with you how I first heard it. 

Spencer and Poppa were walking down the sidewalk at church, side by side.  Poppa was carrying something in a plastic bag from Wal-mart.  The second handle blew free and Spencer reached up his tiny hand to grab it.  They took a couple of steps together; both holding the bag.

Spencer looked up at Poppa and with great conviction announced, "Hup!"

Poppa looked around surprised and responded, "Yes, you are helping Poppa!  What a good helper you are!!"   

Spencer beamed!  He loves being identified as a Helper!

One of the best things I read as a young mom was written by Dr. James Dobson.  He explained that every child needs to know they are valued and that they contribute in their family.  (Much the way children contributed on the family farm decades ago.)  It develops the child's self-worth.

Apparently, Linda Schreck read the same Dobson book because both of Spencer's parents are already instilling an appreciation for good work and helping others.  At twenty months, Spencer wants to Hup!

Sigh - filled with joy!

In other matters, someone asked recently why my name has changed from Nana to Noni. 

I thought through the matter of my grandma name well before Spencer was born.  I consulted other grandmothers.  I talked at length with Frank and each of the girls.  I stood at the back door and yelled several possibilities into the backyard.  (Mom always said that was the foolproof way to choose a good name.  Yell it out the door three times.  If you still liked it after that, it was a winner.)

Nana became my name of choice!  It sounded respectful enough to be a true grandma but cute enough to be a young grandma.  It passed the back door yelling test with flying colors.  I even have a picture frame with Nana scrolled across the top. 

So, why the change?

Well, one evening several months back everyone arrived at our house for dinner all at the same time.  It was chaos at the front door.  I stood at the kitchen sink with a perfect view into the mayhem.  Joy had Abigail in her arms and John sat Spencer down just as they crossed the threshold.

In all that confusion, at the very same moment, Spencer and I made eye contact.  He threw both arms in the air and yelled, "NONI!!"

Noni it is!  Noni it shall be!!

Take Spencer's advice and find someone to HUP.  It'll make you feel great, he promises!


  1. Too cute! Did some "hupping" this week what with Hurricane Sandy. Tonight is first night in my bed since last weekend! Ahhhhh....

  2. I love how you became Noni va Nana. My sweet 5 grands call me Nana. However, my mom is a different matter. In our family, our children & their children all call my mom by a different name - my kids (her grands) and their kids(great grands) all call her Grandma & Great Grandma, my brother's kids call her Nanny Hazel as do the great grands. My mom says she is just blessed at 85 years old to still know and be able to have all the kids, grands and greatgrands be able to come see her. Your writings bless me beyond measure and stir up many memories that I had forgot. Thank you for that. Becky