Saturday, October 13, 2012

Peas and Tanks

What could those two possibly have in common?  Peas and Tanks?!

Well, I'm glad you asked.

It's been quite some time since I regaled you with a post about our precious little treasures - Spencer Matthew and Abigail Grace.  Today is the day!!

Contrary to what one might imagine, I don't get to spend every single day cuddling, cooing, exploring and playing.  (Although, I would love to make a living at that!)

This weekend was our women's fall break away.  Some 1,500 women from central and southern FL gathered in Orlando to hear Lisa Bevere.  An amazing time!  But it was also the week end for the Century Ride - Frank and John's 100 mile bike ride raising money for missions.

Obviously, it was much easier for us to take the two babies to our conference than for John and Frank to each strap a child to their back packs.  The only difficulty?  Spencer and Abigail are so adorable that every woman at the conference wanted to squeeze them!

Joy had capable assistants in the form of aunties: MeaMea and KK.  Spencer's favorite nursery grandma, Joyce.  Playmates, Cuddlers, Rule Ignorers, Cartoon Voice Imitators, Special Food Providers.......and those were just the twenty-two ladies from Garden Grove Church!! 

Needless to say, Spencer and Abigail were not lacking for entertainment, attention or love this weekend.

At one point, I circled around the back of the auditorium to step outside and Spence spotted me coming toward him.  Before Joy could grab him, he took off running toward me on his chubby little legs.  Eyes lit up like Christmas; arms reaching; tiny voice yelling.  Over the sound of 1,500 women singing all I could hear was, "Nonni!  Nonni!"

I stopped in my tracks and bent down to hug the most precious little boy on earth!

As we walked down the long corridors, people would routinely be taken in by Abby's big blue eyes or Spencer's wide smile.  They would slow down to say something and Spencer would beat them to it by waving and saying loudly, "HI!"

He has become extremely verbal, especially in the past few weeks.

He went into Frank's office last Sunday and when Frank said out of habit, "Spencer!  How are you?"  Spencer replied right on cue, "GOOD!"

"Did you hear that?!"  Frank yelled in surprise.  "I certainly did," I replied. "He's brilliant!"  Spencer looked around as if to say, "What's the big deal?"

We are southern people living in a southern culture where it's still preferable that children respond to adults with ma'am and sir.  So, Joy has been working with him already.  "Do you want another bite of chicken?"  "Esss Mum!"  "Do you want to ride with Daddy?"  "Ess Hur!"

(I have a huge, silly grin on my face right now as I write this for you!)

After staff meeting last week, John played a video that Joy had just text to him.  Spencer looked straight into the phone camera and said, "Hi, Dad!  I wuv ooo!"  We stopped playing it back once everyone in the office had enjoyed it at least twice.

I won't overwhelm you with illustrations using all his vocabulary that now exceeds 75 words. (Wait, did that sound slightly braggadocios?  Sorry.)   But now you'll understand where I'm going with the peas and tanks.

A while back, Spencer was wanting something that Joy didn't intend to give him.  After waiting a while, he came back to her, looked up with those huge round eyes and earnestly said, "Peas, Tanks, Ooo Elcome!"
He pulled out all the politeness he had in his arsenal. 

Of course, Joy caved immediately!  What's the use of being consistent if you can't opt out occasionally?

His tiny voice has reminded me of when his aunts were my babies.  Aunt Kristin who said, "I Yove Louu!"  Aunt Meagan who frantically screamed, "Boop On!  Boop On!"  until we realized that she was trying to get us to beep the horn while driving through a tunnel.  

I'd love to hear about the favorite phrases and quotes of your little ones.  Even if they're now adults with their own babies.  

Peas have a blessed Sunday.  And Tanks for taking time to read today!


  1. Oh so cute! Wish I were down there with mine! When Nipo was up in September, I told him he was specTACular...yep, that was our word for a few days :) I thought you were a Nana! You're a Nonni/Nonna, too?!

  2. Oh my. Love, love, love this. You have me (just slightly) wishing for my grandma days to arrive! But--if Nathan or Meagan are reading this--no hurry! :-)

  3. Oh so sweet, my daughter, who is now 21, always use to tell us her eggs hurt. And then my uncle Lary was coming to visit and she was so excited to see ary! My husband still will ask her how her eggs are! Love the little ones and the big ones they grow up to be!

  4. My son (now fourteen, 6'1", size 13 shoe...sigh) would call me "Mine" when he was little. I miss that precious time!

  5. When my oldest daughter was about 3 1/2, I asked her to help me tidy up the toys. She happend to be coloring and her chubby little hands were full of various crayons. She looked at me, look at her crayons and said Mommy, I can't. I'm full of hands!