Friday, October 26, 2012

A Battle

Frogs have invaded my wind chime!

Dozens of beady-eyed amphibians have somehow managed to cram their green bodies into the tubes comprising my wind chime.  And I am NOT Pleased!

We thought we took care of our croaking neighbors last year.  (A friend warned that if one frog had babies in our koi pond, all the babies would return to also procreate and we would have a real problem.)

Frank acted promptly and decisively.  Each time one of those little free-loaders tried to set up house keeping on our wall, we captured him and sent him on to his eternal reward.  We even posted a warning sign- "No Procreating Allowed".  Apparently they can't read.

It appears that despite our most diligent efforts, a Kermit Wannabe slipped through.  And this summer we've experienced a frog infestation rivaling that from the banks of the Nile.

Do NOT coo and say to your screen, "Oh, Sheri!  How bad can it be to have a couple of cute little frogs singing joyfully around your decorative pond.  They catch mosquitoes, don't they?!"

That was my naive thought when we first started this battle! 

But I've now discovered the truth.  While one tiny tadpole may be cute, they never travel alone!  I'm convinced that you only see them one at a time because the rest of the platoon hide off to the side and send in the most adorable of the group to catch you off guard.

You spot him and think, "Oh, he's not so bad.  What harm can one little jumping frog do?"  You are unaware that you're being watched from the bushes by the best of Frog Intelligence.

"Suspect has evaluated the drone and allowed it to live, Sir.  We're in!"

Once they establish a beach head - you're done for! One intruder tolerated opens the door for a full-on invasion!

What does all this have to do with the wind chimes?  Well apparently, these cunning creatures also have a team that scouts out housing options.  (What happened to the mosquito eaters, I ask?)

Some daring frog-soldier made the precarious climb all the way up my porch post, across the ceiling, over to the hook holding the chimes.  He leaped (which they're famous for) onto a chime tube, then squished, squirmed and squiggled his way into the "safety" of the tube.  Sending word back to operations that housing had been secured.

And that's where we discovered them.  (The discovery story will have to wait.)  Not just one or even two per tube - Frank extracted FOUR from a single tube!

Can you hear my frustration?

Adding insult to injury is the fact that these are the very chimes I waited two years to purchase.  Most of you know how much I love being outdoors when possible.  The breeze, the sunrise/sunset, the fragrant flowers, water trickling over the rocks of our pond.........resplendent.

Imagine my delight when I finally located a set of wind chimes that perfectly completed this setting.  Not only were they rich sounding; not only were they the specific brand I'd been searching for; not only were they half price; they also came to my attention just after I'd received an honorarium from a speaking engagement!  Oh, happy day!

The melodious sound has enriched my soul many mornings!

Until now.......

Crammed full of frog bodies, the chimes sound wooden and  unnatural.  My chimes are completely incapable of singing the way they were created to sing.  So sad!

And, of course, I caught a glimpse of my real self in all this.

When I tolerate even the smallest amount of unforgivenss, self-pity, or bitterness, it clogs my heart.  (No matter how innocent it may seem.)  It establishes a beach head and rapidly multiplies while I'm not watching. 

Soon my song of praise becomes wooden, unnatural.  I no longer sound like a grateful pilgrim; I sound whine-y and dull.  Completely incapable of living or loving with full, joyful expression.

So sad!

Today, Frank plans a major cleaning out of all things amphibious.  He will extract, extricate and even exterminate all unwelcome creatures.  By evening our chimes should be able to sing again - just as they were created to do.

Perhaps I'll spend some quiet time cleaning out my heart, too.  Killing off any vestige of the things that try to steal my song.  No corner of my heart left unexamined, unrepentant.  This is a battle I'm willing to fight.

By evening, I want to sing - just as I was created to do!



  1. Not cooing...really I'm not...laughing outloud...just a bit...not hysterically or anything...much

    "Beachhead" is not the term I'd use, though I understand what you're saying as I work through an ancient issue I didn't know I had until 2 nights ago. Gotta love when God reveals things in His's never convenient! :)