Thursday, October 18, 2012


Who functions as "Cheerleader" in your life?  Are you counted as an "Encourager" for someone else?

Important questions in a world like ours.  As the political season reaches its zenith, we hear much about cheering for someone.  Even those who are simply cheering against someone!  Hmmm.

Frank and I have done a lot of behind the scenes type work in our lifetime.  So I guess that's part of what has made us so aware of those who step in as encouragers for us.

Today, I just want to utilize this platform to express how very important that is.  How delightful and refreshing are the words "Thank You!"  One word of encouragement can often be the difference between someone's choice to "press on" or "throw in the towel."

I've had times where a simple hug and smile offered in a casual or off-handed way resulted in a card of appreciation from the recipient.  Who knew that something so small could have such a big impact?!

But haven't you experienced that too?  A hug, a smile, a hand squeeze, a card, a single positive expression that came to you at just the most needed moment and suddenly your entire perspective changed for the better.

At this point in my life, I'm surrounded by many people who serve as encouragers.  My family, my church family, friends from hither and yon.  But because I share a different relationship with all my "Blog-Reading Family," there is a name I must share with you.

Guerrina Waters.

Guerrina lives in New England.  She has read my blog almost since the earliest post three years ago.  Her son's family moved to a city near us and when she came to visit them, we met face to face. 

I was very touched that she made time for that meeting.

Sad to say, if I only had six days to spend with Spencer and Abby after traveling 1,500 miles to get to them, I don't think I'd share a moment of that time with ANYONE!  (Selfish, I know.)

But Guerrina graciously shared time with me at the coffee shop nearest her son's home. And if you read Embrace the Grace very often, you'll notice that Guerrina also takes time to comment pretty regularly.  (Comments are like the protein that keeps each blog writer going!)

Several weeks ago, I hit a wall with my writing.  The blank page laughed at me each time I opened it.  My thoughts seemed scattered and uninspiring. But finally, I mustered up enough courage to write what I considered a rather weak, rambling post. 

In no time at all, Guerrina showed up - complete with pom poms and cheers of affirmation.

Not gonna lie, she made me cry.

And so today, I say thank you!  Thank you to all those who chose to cheer lead for others in their lives.  Thank you for each spark of encouragement, whether large or small.  Thank you for words, hugs, smiles, touches, remembrances.  Thank you for choosing to be a refreshing spring instead of a drain!  (Saw that on a church sign.  Isn't it great?!)

Thanks especially to Guerrina! 

This week end, Frank and I get to minister together at a conference.  Sure looking forward to it!  We'd appreciate your prayers if we come to your mind.  Thanks, in advance!


  1. Awww, Sheri, now I have to find tissues. Thank you, my friend, for today I needed encouragement and a boost. Thank you! And ... lol ... I don't do pompoms! That visual in my head has me now laughing hysterically!

  2. And Guerrina is a regular encourager on MY blog as well! Hooray for encouragers!

  3. Love you Pastor Sheri - this topic has been one of discussion in my life as of late. I used your "relationships are like bank accounts with deposits and withdrawls" analogy that you shared with me just this week! You continue to be such an encouraging and teaching presence in my life. Your posts are the pom poms of many of my days and I'm so thankful for God bringing you and all of the wonderful Hawley's into my life.

    Love from New York!