Thursday, November 8, 2012

Optimist's Opinion

"Sheri, you are an eternal optimist!"

My life-time friend, Brenda, made the statement years ago with a disbelieving shake of her head.  Her tone made me wonder if it was a compliment or not.

I do prefer to try and look at the "UP" side of most situations:
  • Traffic jam?  Probably helped us miss a potential accident!
  • Low funds?  Perfect opportunity for creativity!
  • Rain?  The flowers need it!
  • Sun?   Self explanatory!
  • Long sermon?  No line at the restaurant!
  • Trip cancelled?  Great time to stay home!
  • Unexpected trip?  Life is never boring!
You get the idea.

However, I must admit to you that the eternal optimist hit a wall yesterday.  Frank and I avoid verbalizing our support for one candidate or another during election season,.  But we are quite intense with our personal opinions/views.  And he has threatened to fire anyone who doesn't vote! 

The 2012 election held some stark contrasts for me in regards to matters of life; whether elderly, unborn, or disabled.  And I chose candidates accordingly.

Disappointment settled on me like a cloud when I woke to the reports Tuesday morning.  Seems like one of the most dangerous places in America today is a mother's womb.  (Sorry if that sounds harsh.  But adoption is such a marvelous part of our family story  We are pretty passionate in this area.) 

We've weathered the political season many years; we know all the appropriate responses.  "God is ultimately in control."  "This will be the church's finest hour!"  "We look to God as our source, not to man."  Facebook is full of them right now.

Bottom line?  The wall I hit loomed rather large in front of me.  I have grandchildren to consider now!

So this morning as I watered my flowers, the Lord and I were having a little conversation.  (When I don't understand, it seems smart to go to the One who knows everything for my answers.)

On Friday, Frank and I hit a great clearance sale in the garden section of Lowe's.  It was the last stop before the trash for a cart filled with dying plants.  I carefully examined them all searching for signs of life.  Then I checked out with a terrific variety; all for only seven dollars! 

Saturday morning found us clipping, planting, fertilizing, watering and hoping that at least some of them would survive.

This morning I discovered, with great delight, that not only have they all survived - they are flourishing!  Mums that were mute have mutated.  Greenery and geraniums have grown.  Sad looking blooms now sparkle.  And formerly wilted  foliage looks wonderful!  Such a great surprise!

Those blooms that had been ready for the compost pile on Friday now comprise my fall flower bed.

In a split second, my heavenly Father opened my eyes to the importance of believing.  Even if something looks impossible; seems to have no life left; shows no promise - still, we hope!  Because time, effort and faith mixed together bring a great surprise.

It seldom looks like I would have originally scripted but faith is a powerful element in all our lives!

My favorite quote so far?  "It's not about a donkey.  It's not about an elephant.  It's about a LAMB!"

And that's the opinion of this optimist today!  



  1. This was a tough election year and most often I felt I was choosing between the devil I knew and the devil I didn't. Prayers that the Lord will keep us moving forward.

  2. Well put.

    Cindy Wright

  3. I, too, was disappointed the next morning. *Ugh* But I am also an optimist and have been trying to find the 'bright spot' in all of it. I do belive that your closing quote is as bright a spot as one could hope to find! Thanks!!