Sunday, April 1, 2012

They Know

Our congregation is incredibly patient with me; they know me.

Although I try diligently to avoid it, there are lots of times that I’m slow in returning emails and phone calls.

And our dear members never hand me a scrap of paper with an important message or announcement on Sunday mornings. They just know that it will never be seen again. Sunday morning requires a lot of focus; it's all about the service/the people and nothing else!

(Well, that’s not entirely true. I usually find a way to squeeze Spencer as soon as he arrives. But I don’t think “Grandmothering” counts against you.)

This June marks seven years that we’ve served Garden Grove Assembly of God as pastors. Seven wonderful years! And after all this time, we just know a few things about each other.

They know their pastors love them and work hard. They know that if we don’t get back to them on the same day, there's a really good reason. They know that no matter how busy we may be, they are never far from our thoughts and prayers.

The past nine days have been just such a time.

Our full work week ended with us getting on a plane last Friday. We headed to Ocean Isle Beach, NC. Pastor Chase had graciously invited us to come back and preach for the church we pioneered almost twenty years ago. (Frank AM; Sheri PM) Such a GREAT weekend!

Pastor and Mrs. Chase are long time friends. So we shared meals and laughter and trials and testimonies. The congregation has blossomed under their leadership; we enjoyed ourselves immensely!

The flight home was late Monday, so we carved out a little beach time too.

Got home at midnight.

At 6:00 AM Tuesday, we discovered that a storm had tripped the breaker for our extra freezer. Which promptly began to defrost. All by itself! Tuesday was full; game on.

Around 7:00 PM, my dad pulled into our driveway with a new friend. This friend is of the female persuasion. So of course, one whole suitcase rolled in just stuffed to overflowing with emotions.

(Yes, we knew they were coming. Yes, tomorrow will be three years, four months since my mom passed away. Yes, I fully expect my dad to remarry someday. Just not THIS day. Sigh.)

Wednesday we dovetailed family time with office time then the evening Bible study then more family time.

Thursday went pretty much the same. Only we planned for a big fish fry dinner at our house with my brother and his wife, too.

Things stayed fairly balanced until half way through the day. We got a call that Spencer had pulled a large cabinet over onto his right hand. It immediately turned blue and swelled to twice its normal size.

John and Joy rushed to the hospital for x-rays. Thankfully, nothing was broken and none of the surgery was affected. Oh, those guardian angels!

Friday I made a big breakfast, said farewell to Dad and his friend, took a long walk and went to bed for a nap! Must say, it was a definite “10” as naps go.

Frank treated me to the spring concert at SEU Friday evening. Magnificent music is powerful medicine! Saturday morning found us back at church for the missions meeting. (Have I mentioned that we will be going to El Salvador for ten days the end of May?)

Great Sunday service with amazing people this morning.

And at the time of this writing, I’m sitting under the oak tree behind our church. Enjoying the breeze; watching a flag football game. Our youth group was challenged by another group. I have the easier part – cheering from the shade!

Yes, some days I’m a little slow about returning messages. But there’s almost always a legitimate reason. And the people we serve know that – what a blessing!



  1. Yes, they do. They're great :)

  2. Thankful that such wonderful people as you and Frank have such a wonderful congregation. So glad Spencer was okay!!

  3. I am out of breath just reading your schedule! So glad Spencer is fine and being a boy!

    You have a great congregation who, as you said, know you, but more than that, accept you and expect you to strive for perfection and work toward that end, but not expect perfection (like being on a pedestal)...big difference - one attainable, one not this side of heaven! What a blessing you are to one another!

    El Salvador? Woohoo - God has plans for the "empty nesters!"