Friday, April 6, 2012


Oh, how I wish each of you could have been with us last night!

Our church hosted a Seder service; led by a Gentile minister who has converted to Judaism. (No, I didn't get that backwards. And no, he isn't confused; although I was at first!)

Mr. Burroughs did an excellent job of leading us through the symbols and symbolism of a Jewish Seder. The meal used in homes all around the world to mark Passover. We felt incredibly "connected".

He also informed us that the exact day of Passover seldom coincides directly with Easter as it does this year. So, as we walked through the rituals and listened to the explanations, we marked it just as Jesus did 1,982 years ago. Amazing!

Frank and I have participated in these before. But last night was more significant because we were sharing it with our own church family. We were thrilled that so many parents brought their children to learn as well.

This will probably become a Garden Grove Church tradition right along with Family Communion at Christmas. We love tradition!

And, of course, Seder is actually geared for children. The various elements all serve to retell the story of the Exodus. Children have specific roles to play. Each element, every step is an object lesson in itself. All pointing to the love of God for us, His children.

(If you have young ones in your home, you should look up the Seder meal before next year. You and your children would thoroughly enjoy it.)

No wonder Judaism has continued through the ages with so little variation. Jewish people intentionally train their children to know, to understand, to believe.

God grant that we would all be so deliberate in communicating our faith to those entrusted to us!

The only hitch in all this wonder is that I'm struggling with a miserable head cold. Benadryl has become my closest friend. Trying to knock it out before Easter - my most favorite holiday.

I'll try to get back here tomorrow. I'd really love to share with you how we've personalized Easter sunrise through the years.

No matter how you and your loved ones celebrate, may your Easter/Passover be abundantly blessed!


  1. What a wonderfully holy weekend, having Passover and Easter fall at the same time. To think that the seder fell on the same day as the Last Supper (which was Jesus having a seder) just blows my mind.

    I grew up Jewish, so seder is a tradition for me. There is so much richness, reward, and ritual in the seder. When I struggled to accept what my heart wanted (which was to recognize Jesus as the Messiah), it was because I didn't know what to do with all those precious traditions and rituals. But my heart finally prevailed and I realized that I just had to keep seeking Him and my head would eventually catch up.

    Every year I say that I wish my church would have a traditional seder service so that everyone could be exposed to the tradition and also so that we can feel closer to the personal walk that Jesus followed during resurrection weekend. Maybe it's just because I'm Jewish, but I feel a seder would bring us closer in our understanding and commitment to follow Him.

    As an aside, I do find it interesting that this man who led your seder went from being Christian to being Jewish. I don't know how one gives up Christ once they know Him. I bet this is one interesting man to talk with!

  2. That sounds like such an interesting experience! And how amazing to have a Jewish person lead you through the service. Esp one that understand Christianity and could explain everything for both religions! Lucky you!