Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Rather Random

And the company this week would be: Pastors Phil and Sue Parsons; direct from Stoke-on-Trent, England!

Yes, that's real. No, I'm not making it up. He is "Pastor Parsons".

Better yet, their daughter married a man named Pope. So just before their wedding, the local paper ran an article with the headline: "Parson marries the Pope". Really turned some heads, they said. Oh, that dry British humor!

We always enjoy hosting Phil and Sue. We've been close friends for the last thirteen years. God used Phil to help push us toward the dream of living as evangelists. (Or as gypsies...the two life- styles have uncanny similarities.)

And thanks to the Parsons, we've made three ministry trips to England. We've preached in an Anglican church. Sang for the BBC. Did interviews for a nationally syndicated radio broadcast. And have driven long distances on the WRONG side of the road. Such Fun!

They brought Ty-phoo tea bags with them (my favorite). So we've been sipping lots of hot tea; holding our pinkies in the air; suddenly saying things like "Cheerio", "Mahvelous", "Brilliant! Simply Brilliant!" (I have to use totally different facial muscles when imitating their accent.)

No other news than that for today's post.

Oh, wait! Kristin, Joy and Spencer have taken a road trip to NC. Kristin is doing a children's crusade in the school where Amanda Bock Hoggard now teaches. They are having such fun.

And since they're out of town, I now get my own copy of the "phone picture texts" that they're always sending to Linda. Love that kid!

I have a second Easter post brewing that will certainly give you a smile (at the very least) and balance out the rather "rosy" picture I painted last week. Should be ready by Saturday.

Hope your week finishes well! "Cheerio!"

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  1. You are wonderful! I cannot pull off the pinky-in-the-air thing! Much less the accent. So glad to hear you're having a wonderful time with friends. Aren't you going to South America in May on a missions trip? When are you going? Excited?