Friday, April 20, 2012

Oh, Man!

Spencer is now fourteen months old. And comparatively speaking, I've subjected you to very little "Grandmother-Gushing".

But that changes with today's post!

For the past week, Kristin has been conducting special children's services for a school in NC. She didn't want to make the twelve hour drive by herself, so Joy and Spencer joined her. (Of course, the fact that a certain newlywed, Amanda Bock Hoggard, would serve as hostess was a major draw!)

Every couple of days we've gotten updates; the services have been outstanding. And they've had a great time catching up with Amanda.

Wednesday brought a special treat! I was talking on the phone with Joy and said something that surprised her. She responded with a signature, "Oh, Man!"

"Oh, did you hear Spencer?" she asked. "He just said it too."

I didn't hear him but smiled at how cute it must have sounded to hear him trying to imitate her. He says things that are very close to "key" and "ball". Then there are the standards: "Mama" and "Dadda".

They say that when they turn onto our road, he often starts with "Poppa! Poppa!" And although I haven't heard "Nana" yet, I have seen him reach for the phone with a clear "Gama!" (That's Linda. And she and John talk with Spencer often via phone and skype.)

Joy and I talked on for a moment when I heard,"Oh, Man!' in the background, I figured Amanda's husband was teasing us and got ready to give him a message through Joy. "Oh, Man!" he said it again.

Suddenly it dawned on me, that voice was too high.

"Joy! Was that Spencer saying 'Oh, Man!' ?"

"Yes, Mom. I told you he was!"

It was so clear and articulate; I couldn't believe Spencer had said it.

Brilliant! That fourteen month old is just brilliant! (I know, just like your grandchildren!)

And for those of you who aren't anointed with the "Grandparent Gene" wait. Frank and I used to roll our eyes like you just did. Now? Well, we're pretty much out of control and unapologetic! It's pitiful actually. But I did my time loving on the "Granddogs"! This pay back is wonderful.

On an unrelated note, I felt it important to leave you with this scripture from my reading today. Joshua 21:45 "Not one of all the Lord's good promises to the house of Israel failed; every one was fulfilled."

It bolstered my heart; hope it will yours as well!

Brief commercial: If your church or children's ministry is in need of a terrific speaker for VBS or a summer crusade, let us know. Kristin has launched out in that area and is seeing really great results among children for the Kingdom of God.

I hope to get the Easter Joy Reality Check written tomorrow. You'll smile; I guarantee it!


  1. Yes, the Grandparent Gene is a phenomenal thing! Going to see my little one next month and will include Mother's Day! Then my FB account will have many new pics! Used to roll my can't imagine life without him! Pure joy...pure innocence! Oh...and will see his parents, too! lol


  2. P.S.: Gush away....then I feel like I can, too!


  3. Feel free to gush!! We also are obsessed! Isn't it fun??