Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Bad Form

We were terrible neighbors last night!

We went away to dinner and left on our porch light. Not a big deal most evenings. But definitely BAD FORM for Halloween night!

We live in one of those neighborhoods that serves as a "Trick or Treat Mecca" on October 31st. Twenty or so houses close together. Quiet road leading to a cul-de-sac. Lots of small children. And bonus - another neighborhood just like it directly across the main road!

The kind of neighborhood where van loads of people park at the end and slowly stroll through; ringing every doorbell along the way.

Every year since moving here, we've simply been away on Halloween night. But last night, in our haste to get away before the costumed kiddies began arriving, we flipped on the outside lights from sheer habit. And we rode with someone else, so both cars were left on the driveway. Making our house look like we were participants in the candy collection club.

I can't even imagine how many parents led little ones up to our door, rang the bell and then waited patiently while Bella and Gracie barked their silly heads off. I can just hear them, "Let's go, honey. Apparently these people don't want to be bothered. How rude to leave on their light!" Sigh.

Actually, we've never celebrated Halloween.

When the girls were little, we lived in a part of the country that was heavily involved in New Age, occult and witchcraft practices. In that area, there was no innocence of childhood associated with the evening.

So we found alternatives. Still dressed up sometimes. Still indulged in cavity producing cuisine. We just didn't go door to door. And we didn't call it Halloween.

Since moving to Winter Haven, we've discreetly disappeared for the evening each Oct. 31st and it worked okay. Until last night!

Leaving the lights on felt a bit like we had defrauded the little ones we live around. So during lunch today, I'll head to Wal-mart for leftover candy. Then I'll impose on Kristin (the creative genius) to help me put together little goody bags for the twenty or so children that live right near us.

I'll probably feel compelled to include some kind of note with an apology. Words are my thing, after all. Then I'll have to convince Frank to make the journey with me, knocking on doors, ringing door bells in our very own reverse trick or treating production after work.

It might would have been easier to just stay here and hand out candies with a special sticker on each one telling the children that God loves them. Sigh. Why didn't I think of that this time yesterday?!


  1. We don't celebrate Halloween either, but we LOVE to pass out candy and cartoon tracts that night. We've always said that this is the ONE night out of the WHOLE year that the world comes and knocks on OUR doors. It is foolish to waste that opportunity in my opinion! So we've turned the night into an outreach. We pray for each person that knocks on our door and we pray they are gripped by the message of the tracts they receive. It's fun turning what a pagan holiday into a blessing! :)

  2. I think the reverse trick or treat is a great way to be a surprise and a blessing to some unsuspecting parent and child! You go, Girl.