Saturday, October 29, 2011

The List

The more accurate title for this post? List Disposal and Other Occasional Necessities

Unfortunately, that lengthy title wouldn't fit my format.

Yesterday marked an out of character but totally appropriate moment in my life. I made my "Day Off List" as usual. You know, the list sometimes referred to as the "Honey-Do List". The list we wives compose then politely request that our husbands help us complete.

(And if politely requesting falls short of the desired goal, I've been known to cajole, plead, bargain, arm-twist and even whine a bit.)

The list for October 28 was clear, concise, uncomplicated. I wrote it out while waiting for our coffee to brew. At the end of this day, we would feel completely productive and I intended to not waste a single minute.

Frank and I had been going full tilt for twenty-six days in a row. Not a single day off in all that time. We had put so many things on the "back burner" that I couldn't even find the burners!

Fortunately, we had company from NC last weekend and Kristin gave the house a thorough cleaning before their arrival. That kept us from starring in the next season of "Hoarders" or whatever that show is about people living in messy houses.

Frank and I even discussed The List for Friday and agreed totally; so I knew productivity would prevail!

Coffee? Check!
Devotions? Check!
Canines Fed and Pottied? Check!

But just before making our protein enriched oatmeal that would serve as jet fuel for the morning, an odd thing happened.

Frank said, "Honey, why don't you sit down here with me and let's watch Joyce Meyer this morning?"

I couldn't resist such an invitation. Good teaching. Good cuddling. Good cup of tea. Sure, the list could wait a minute. Besides, this was an investment not a deterrent!

So I sat.

And after Joyce Meyer, we decided we'd like a scrambled egg sandwich and some bacon.

So I cooked.

And after our breakfast, we decided we'd like to exercise.

And after our exercise, we decided we'd like to watch a movie we had rented.

(My girls are in total shock now. I never sit down to watch TV after the morning news until time for the evening news.)

And after we watched the entire movie, we decided we'd like to go to Sam's.

And after strolling through Sam's, we took a leisurely ride to Books A Million to find a replacement for my journal.

And after Books A Million we decided to stop in Belk's to pick up Keurig Decaf.

And while in Belk's I showed Frank a Christmas dish pattern I've come to like.

And then we decided to go home and eat lentils.

And then we dozed with Wheel of Fortune while waiting for the Final Game of the World Series to start.

And then we got set for the Game.

And then I picked up my clear, concise, uncomplicated list and folded it.

Not one item on the list had been checked off. Not one thing to herald us as hard workers. Not one indication of our organizational skills!

But Productive? CHECK!! CHECK!!


  1. Love it. Absolutely, delightfully perfect.

  2. A perfect day! Food, awesome company, shopping. Yes, a perfect day!

  3. I'm so proud of you for taking a REAL DAY Off! Hooray!! (And it sounded perfect.) :-)