Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Teaching Babies

Please don't be misled by this title.

I am writing today about "teaching babies" but I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by the twist.

Many Sunday mornings I have the great privilege of watching over Spencer while Mom is at rehearsal. It's an hour that I look forward to with great anticipation! He and I work along together tying up loose ends for the morning service. But we also have to stop and "talk" pretty often too.

(I'm learning to speak "baby" all over again. It's fabulous!)

This past Sunday, I sat him on the floor near the mirror on my office door. He played contentedly (as perfect babies tend to do) while I took care of some matter. I kept glancing his way occasionally just to make sure all was well.

He has a favorite teething toy that Grandma Linda gave him. It's a little piano that lights up and plays three different tunes when the keys are pressed. Bonus feature? It also rattles!

The piano was just beyond his reach and I noticed that he was working really hard to get to it. Just as I jumped up to give it to him, I heard Joy's voice in my head, "No, Mom. If you make it too easy for him, he won't crawl. When he wants it badly enough, he'll get it. Don't help!"

Yes, I was torn! But Frank and I try to abide by the rules of the Mom and Dad. So I sat back down and watched.

Spencer finally made the leap and flipped onto his little belly. Then the work began in earnest. Reaching. Straining. Giving little grunts. Inching forward.

It took everything in me to sit still! I really wanted to make it easier for him.

But it only took a moment for him to work his way over to the piano. And on the first swipe it rewarded him with a happy tune of triumph! His squeal of self-satisfaction caused me to light up too.

And I heard the gentle whisper in my heart, "Easy things seldom are the best things! Working and waiting to reach what you want is often the better route. It makes you even more appreciative."

That baby was teaching a Sunday School lesson without using any words!

Teaching Babies! Who knew they could be so effective?!

PS - I received a comment from a dear lady named "Natalie" a few posts back. I wanted to let you know that my husband and I have prayed for you.

Any time you dear readers make the effort to comment, I value those and pray for you to be blessed! Thanks for being part of this communication venue!!

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  1. Awww, thanks so much for your prayers. They are much needed. I firmly believe Christ will work even this for His good but right now, I am just broken hearted. My dad died and the world walked put. Trying to busy myself to survive Thanksgiving, Christmas, my dad's bday & my bday all before the end of the year. I need Christ to do a miracle in my life! The tears won't stop...

    Thanks again!!