Friday, November 11, 2011

What To Say?

So exactly what is most important to report?

Do I tell of the six wonderful days we've just spent in Pennsylvania?
  • Preaching and encouraging
  • Speaking for the Ladies Fall Luncheon
  • Meeting new friends (Including babies that we've only seen in photos)
  • Reconnecting with long time friends (Lanzas/Jordans)
  • Afternoon with mentors (Kyllonen Family)
  • Quick visits to museums (Antique Cars/Civil War)
  • Short walks in perfect fall weather (complete with colorful leaves)
  • Wonderful prayer times with Glad Tidings Congregation

Or do I elaborate on how much it looked like Spencer had grown during those days away? Or how he "talked and talked" on our ride home from the airport? (Usually, it makes me car sick to look backward while riding. But watching him - eyebrows raised, mouth moving, eyes sparkling, hands waving, feet kicking - provided the perfect distraction.)

Maybe I should tell about how excited we were to see the progress John and Amanda had made on our church website and fall event coming up next weekend. Everything stitched up neatly and topped off with almost twenty going to youth convention this weekend.

Did I mention how nice it was to know that the ladies event I missed at our church came off flawlessly? (Marvelous Team!!) And that we never worried one minute about Wednesday services? Molly carried the adult study and no one else noticed we were away. Smile.

Even Bella and Gracie appeared well fed and emotionally healthy!

So the bottom line?

It's nice to walk a different path occasionally. But stepping out of the routine also highlights the blessings associated with home and makes the treasures found there all the more precious.

That's all.

I have a funny story brewing - hope to have it ready this week. Thanks for stopping by...........

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