Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Simple Truth

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." -Ben Franklin

And how accurate his simple truth!

Three annual visits ago, my doctor instructed me in her beautiful middle-eastern accent, "This is a small matter now. You should have it removed while it is only a simple procedure! I can set up the appointment for you this week."

She pushed her non-designer glasses up on the bridge of her straight nose. Nodded her tiny, brilliant head. And flashed her trade-mark smile. "Yes, let's follow through this week."

At that moment I didn't feel I had the resources nor the time for said procedure. (It would have required the involvement of an entirely new doctor and the insurance deductible wasn't yet met - if you catch my drift!)

"Well, it isn't really causing me any trouble........" I stumbled for words. "Let me talk with my husband." (Once again using the trusty spouse as scape goat!)

"It's up to you, of course. I just wouldn't wait too long." Her accent (usually a delight) now sounded slightly judgmental.

Fast forward three annual visits to January of this year.

"Oh, my!" says the same doctor; in the same middle-eastern accent. "This must be attended immediately. I fear you've waited too long."

[Insert serious rolling of big brown eyes. Uh, those would be mine! Along with deep sighs of serious disappointment. Uh, those would be hers!]

So it was that at the appointed time I met with the appointed doctor who totally concurred with the diagnosis of my original appointment. How appropriate!

"Yes indeed, Mrs. Hawley." This doctor is all business. One quick smile coming in the door. One firm hand shake going out the door. "This could have been handled with a simple office visit earlier. Now, it will require surgery."

Fortunately, we have an excellent outpatient surgery facility in Lakeland. And my procedure qualified for care there if I had someone to nurse me the 24 hours following.

It went something like this:
  • Nothing to eat or drink after midnight last night.
  • A jittery, pre-dawn drive this morning MINUS coffee, tea or even a mint.
  • Opportunity to model the latest IN-appropriate hospital wear. (So drafty.)
  • Fake smile on the ready for each office attendant, nurse, anesthesiologist, and doctor on duty.
  • Procedure completed and heading home for recuperation before lunch.

What I thought I didn't have time or money for three years ago, has now become a matter of more time and three times more money than it would have been then. Seriously huge SIGH!

My own "John Franklin Hawley" must surely be part of the "Benjamin Franklin" family tree. For years he has helped our family make decisions understanding the truth that every decision has consequences.

His modern interpretation goes like this:
"Pay now - Play later,
Play now - Pay later.
Choosing the latter is
Always More Expensive!!!"

And as I sit on the couch this evening in recovery mode, I can only say - "Amen! Amen to that!"


  1. Well, maybe you can milk your recovery time and require all your family members to cook the Thanksgiving meal.

    Get some rest! (And thank the Lord for good--and insistent--doctors!)

    Love you,

  2. I can certainly identify with postponing any medical procedure.

    Hope your recovering is a quick one.

    "Mrs. Pam"

  3. Oh SHeri, I'm sorry! Hope everyone else will do all the holiday fixing and bring it to you!

    I sure do understand the obnoxious deductible and postponing treatments because of such. Sigh...I should now listen.

    I hope you at least got a good sleep out of it and you recover quickly!