Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Oh, Yes They Did!

I indulged in my favorite past time this weekend - people watching! And Atlanta Airport is the "Mecca" of all people watching posts.

But before I regale you with hysterical vignettes, you must know about the fabulous ladies who hosted me for this conference.

If you live anywhere near Crestview, FL (and don't have a home church) you MUST visit Milligan Assembly of God. They know how to do things well there!

Great music, lovely decorations, well-prepared workers, impeccable organization. LAVISH - everything they did was lavish! The gift baskets alone made the trip worthwhile! Smile.

These ladies know how to do a conference and it was my pleasure to be their guest. Thanks again, M.A.G.

Now back to the people watching.

After missing my connection because of tornadoes here, I RAN trying to catch another flight. (No easy feat for this 50-something with my "Nana Roll" in tow.)

The door was already closed. Deep Sigh! Grabbed a sandwich and parked my carry-on at the end of the concourse. Perfect positioning.

Following are only a few of the personalities I observed. You'll be tempted to question, "Sheri, did they really come to the airport that way?" Oh, yes they DID! :
  • Mr. I'm richer than any movie star you ever saw. AND I'm handsome enough to be a star if I wanted to! That's why I walk fast, talk loudly and glance at my watch as often as I glance at my reflection in the windows.
  • Ms. Yes, as a matter of fact I was a cheerleader in high school! Was it my perky disposition or my lime green, 80's pants that gave it away? Go TEAM!
  • Mrs. I've scrimped my whole life to buy this full-length mink coat! That's why I'm using two Wal-mart bags as carry-on luggage.
  • Ms. I'm a student and just rolled out of bed in time to make this flight. Are you starring at my disheveled hair or the pajama bottoms I'm using for slacks?! Yawn.
  • Mr. Confused Cowboy. I love my Stetson but I also really like Armani and I love my Reeboks!
  • Mr. I couldn't be bothered with tying my work boots. I'm only gonna get over here and kick them off exposing the hole in my sock while I wait anyway!
  • Mrs. Youth Chaser. My plastic surgeon assures me that this is all totally natural looking. Excuse me for flipping my hair extensions over your sandwich. Wanna see the pictures of my great grandchildren?!
  • Ms. I only spent a week's salary on this outfit and I'm wearing it every chance I get!
  • Mr. Follow me I know exactly where I'm going!
  • Mrs. Follow me I know exactly where I'm going! (Same as above except she has two children in tow and is exasperated with her husband, Mr. Follow Me.)
  • Ms. No I wasn't aware that when you bend over jeans tend to slide south exposing posteriors! What a nuisance.
  • Mr. I've trudged this airport for twenty years as a sales rep. Retirement beckons!
There were many service men and women. Some young and uncertain; others seasoned and quietly confident! I thanked as many as I could.

My favorite was the young mom I spotted on the underground train during a gate change. Four little ones surrounded her - none older than eight. They watched her face for instruction and not one pushed or shoved even though the train was crowded and it was getting late in the day.

The doors whooshed open and the recording droned, "Please, watch your step!" People flooded around the little group.

The two oldest children caught her nod and quickly stepped out pulling their little carry-on bags. She deftly maneuvered a double stroller containing the younger two with one hand while avoiding other passengers with the car seat she had slung over one shoulder AND pulled a carry-on with her other hand!

That young lady should be cast in her own Super Hero show! I know I'm already a fan!


  1. Love it! People watching is great free, entertainment and one never runs out of stuff to marvel over. You made me smile tonight!

    (And I loved reading about the woman with four obedient children. My hat is off to her, big time!)


  2. Love to people watch also. I even watch people while I'm in a car (not driving of course), looking at other cars and wondering where the people inside are going.

    Where are you?? I just realized it has been a week since you posted. Hope everything is OK.

  3. We miss you, Sheri! Hope you're OK and back writing soon.