Friday, April 29, 2011

A Royal Wedding

So, yes. I did get up and watch the wedding! However, note that 5:30 is my normal wake-up time.

(Please read the remainder of this post with a decided British accent. Smile.)

It definitely seemed like a fairy tale; just as the pictorial clips indicate.

The pomp and circumstance. The trumpets. The Abbey. The choir. The uniforms. The dresses. The throngs of well-wishers. The horses and carriages. The flags. The tradition. The Queen Mum. The Balcony Kiss!

THE HATS! Oh my, I must have a HAT!! (Only NOT like the one Princess Beatrice was wearing. That was more like a statue or Mickey Mouse ears than a proper hat. Smile.)

Something about a wedding always elicits a smile and warm sentiment. The wedding of William and Kate is no different. Of course, they brought smiles to millions of faces around the world. Some say as many as 2 billion viewers!

There were a couple of points during the ceremony that I especially loved:
  • Two hymns celebrated Jerusalem; soliciting prayers for peace. Just as Scripture commands.
  • Multiple prayers of blessing reminded us all that marriages require Divine Aide.
  • Family. The peeking of Prince Harry. The attention of Pippa (Kate's sister). Kate's father beaming. Her brother's heartfelt reading of Scripture.
  • The joy - unbridled and honest.
About ten years ago, we made our first trip to England and we've been adopted sons and daughters ever since. We went to sing and preach for the British but we came away with a life-time of memories.

Yes, we saw Buckingham Palace. We strolled through Westminster Abbey. We held our breath with the changing of the guard. We rode "the Tube" (the subway). We gasped over the royal jewels. We shielded our heads from the rain. We roamed the verdant countryside. We sipped tea from delicate china.

We've been privileged to return and each subsequent visit brings new memories. I hope to find time to share one of those with you tomorrow.

But for now we're off to get ideas for our own Royal Wedding! And right here on Embrace the Grace we are offering an official invitation to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to join our prince and princess on their special day!

That's July 23rd, Kate and Wills. See you there!!

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