Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Perfect Answer

Spencer (dispenser of provision). Matthew (gift of God).

Can you guess who this post is referencing?! Smile.

Frank and I got to play the role of Poppa and Nana in all its fullness this weekend. We baby-sat the young prince Friday afternoon. John was teaching, Joy has been back at the bank for two weeks now and Meagan (the official baby-sitter) was substituting.

Soooo, Poppa and Nana it was!

It was our first chance to feed him; although we've changed quite a few diapers of ALL varieties! Smile. Yes, the inexperienced diaper-er of boys (that would be me) has been baptized.

It occurred at the doctor's office. Joy was gathering things and I was doing the changing when suddenly the fount sprang forth. And it continued to spring forth for some time: all over his clothes, the exam table, the side of the table, my slacks, into my shoe, finally creating a small reservoir (actually just a big puddle) on the floor.

I know, Linda. I know. "Why didn't you grab the diaper and provide cover?!"

Once he got started, I was so startled that if I had thought to grab the diaper I probably would have just used it to cover my head!!

A wise friend had provided me with a package containing "PeePee TeePees". Unfortunately, those were on my counter at home where I had shown them to several friends like some sort of party favor.

Little did I know! Smile.

Except for suffering through his first cold, Spencer is doing beautifully! Ten weeks old and already 15 lbs. 4 oz. And too long to fit his 3 month sleeper! I'm extremely glad John and Joy are strong. They are proving to be excellent first-time parents.

Especially given the unexpected development with Spencer's arrival.

Several of you have asked why we were at Shriner's hospital last month. After growing up in a pastor's home where my siblings and I were often the illustration of the day, Frank and I made it a rule to never share personal information about our children without their permission. That's why it has taken a while for me to answer you. I was waiting to ask permission.

The afternoon Spencer was delivered by C-section, we waited (impatiently) in Joy's room. Finally the call came.

John's voice was completely calm. "Joy is fine; she did great! Spencer is here and he is perfect! Lots of hair and big blue eyes. Now.........his fingers and toes are webbed but he is absolutely perfect in every way so we're just not going to make a big deal about that. Okay? They should let us come to the room shortly. Love You!"

And so it has been!

In fact, we've focused so much on how healthy and gorgeous and brilliant he is that there hasn't really been time to notice much of anything else.

The trip to Shriner's hospital was a fact finding mission. As usual, God graced the little family.

One of the top hand surgeons in the southeast will operate on Spencer twice next year. Once to separate the first and third fingers on each hand. Then a second surgery about three months later will separate the third and fourth fingers.

Joy asked the number one question we had all thought, "My husband is a gifted pianist. After surgery, will Spencer be able to play?"

The doctor looked into Joy's heart by way of her big blue eyes and smiled. "His musical abilities will depend on his parents not his hands!"

Perfect Answer!

So when it comes time to call on you for extra prayer, rest assured the call will go out. Until then, it would probably be great for us to all take in the perfect answer of the hand surgeon.

Life is more about attitude, perspective and choices than about circumstances!


  1. I agree--that was the most perfect answer, ever. And with the parents Spencer has? Well, I wouldn't be too terribly surprised by any number of musical giftings.

    And the story about The Baptism was hilarious. I well remember how surprised I was when that first happened to me with Nathan. Nothing quite prepares you for that grand and glorious moment.

    Love you

  2. "The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy!" Psalm 126:3

  3. Yes, a most perfect answer...God bless that doc!

    Well....welcome to the world of boys, Nana! You are just too funny! I had the teepees, too, but they were never handy when I needed them! I did chuckle everytime I looked at them...the things people think up that make money!

  4. Sheri, Thank you so much for answering my question. Sometimes my curiosity gets the best of me and I couldn't get the Shriner thing out of my head.
    I'm 71 and I never had a teepee...wish I'd thought of that! :-) The first time that happened to me I grabbed a diaper and covered MY face! My Mom was there helping at the time, and she laughed till she wet herself!
    Hugs & Blessings,