Monday, April 25, 2011


I am cleaning my house!!

(Not right this second, of course, because I've stopped to write a little message to you!)

But Frank and I are making the most of the few hours available to us. His diligent work focuses on the yard. I have an "oldies" station blasting and I'm using a shovel of my own - indoors. Smile.

No, it hadn't quite reached that level. But I am glad to get to those corners and edges that we so easily overlook on a daily basis.

Our Easter celebrations were just wonderful. Full of unexpected twists and turns. (Never pays to plan things too tightly! Or you'll be certain to be disappointed. Smile.) Hope your day was blessed with family or friends; or maybe even BOTH!

It occurred to me this morning that there might possibly be one or two of you regular readers of "Embrace the Grace" that don't know about "Smithellaneous". Becky Smith (my dear personal friend and soon to be Meagan's dear personal mother-in-law) is the writer who started me on the blogging journey.

One day I hope to grow up to write just like her! Smile.

Her work is impeccable. AND (joy of joys) she is a photographer who includes pictures in her blog! Imagine that!

(I know. I know. I hear those of you saying, "Where are the pictures of Spencer?!" I'm working on getting better. Promise.)

Anyway...... Becky recently wrote a precious piece on the upcoming union of our two children. And I know you will enjoy reading her thoughts; as well as seeing pictures of Meagan and Nathan through the long years of their "courtship".

I think you can click on that link and it will take you to her site. This is a test. I'm attempting this with no assistance whatsoever from the more tech-savvy people in my life. Please let me know if it works.

Meanwhile, it's back to the task at hand. My refrigerator awaits..............


  1. Hi Sheri, Well, you can't click on it, but you CAN copy and paste and that works very well! Good job!
    Hugs & Blessings,

  2. I clicked and it worked! I'd already read the post, but thought I officially test for you!

  3. Hooray! A link that works perfectly! PROUD of you, girlfriend!